Allow Downed Hunters to Free Pounced Hunters


Self explanatory, does it make sense for a monster to down multiple people together with close vicinity then to pounce the final character? Pistols should be allowed to stop a pounce, I mean there’s only one hunter standing might as well give him a chance.

Pouncing Problems
Pounce on last hunter needs to be removed

I just killed 3 of your teammates, why do you deserve this “chance” you speak of?
Besides, you’re dead anyway, i just dont feel like wasting time


Pistols are weak, unable to penetrate Monster Hide.

However, future Hunter may have special pistol?

Anyway, does it really matter? You’d only be delaying the inevitable.


I just took down your armor and knocked you down to 1/ 4th health yet you have the chance to run an get armor.


I’ve had instances like this, drop ship inbound got downed alongside a bud and could only watch as the monster pounced and ended it mere seconds before dropship. You never know, the one pounced could be the support who gets away right?


I hate the “I can already kill you 1v1, I’m just saving time” argument. If you can kill a hunter 1v1 do it. Don’t pounce for win, give it a fair chance. Time is the exact reason people want that 1v1 fight.
They need to be able to run the clock a bit. If for some reason a monster can’t kill a hunter 1v1 without pounce, then maybe the hunters should have another try becasue they’re coming back with less health.


Once 2 people die the support should already have been gone, tactical cowardice and all that.
But still, i think Stealth mode should be cancelled when you get shot, that way there if the hunter is running it can be pounced but they also have the option to turn around and shoot it to have a chance of running, like a final stand of sorts, make it all badass


I’m kinda of the opinion that the last hunter standing shouldn’t be pounceable. I mean if the monster has alot of health he does deserve the win and he can easily get it without pouncing. But If the monster’s health is super low, he doesn’t deserve an instawin button. He should have to earn it.


I’ve never understood the need for a pounce mechanic for this game. Whenever I try to imagine the game without it, the game seems to be better.

For example the implementation of carrion birds to discourage full-stealth play. Why would you need this RNG based solution if sneak-pounce doesn’t exist? If you need to eat, you just have to break stealth momentarily to kill the wildlife and that itself may attract hunters. No need for carrion birds, the problem has solved itself.

Now back to the topic of pouncing hunters. Hunter pouncing is mainly a mechanic to discourage solo play but is such a thing really needed? Lone hunters that engage the monster by themselves are going to die from the monster focusing him anyway but such an engagement still allows for some depth such as intentional baiting etc. Pouncing just kills that part of the gameplay off and artificially declares the monster as the winner. This especially is a problem when you put it into the perspective of a last standing hunter vs the dying monster. Besides, the presence of wildlifes itself is enough of a deterrent to lone hunting.

All in all, I think pounce (as part of a monster toolset) is a flawed mechanic that somehow found itself a way into the game.

Sneak attack equals cheap attack

I had never actually thought of it like this before. It’s quite an interesting thought.


iam all in for this


He can stealth pounce because the fair chance was when it was 4vs1, when its 1vs1 its a very risky game for the hunters, otherwise you’d always see a chase when the 3rd hunter is about going down, a running 4th hunter. Now its going about high risk when running, because you can basically be captured chanceless. If the monster is low health its often better currently to not run and try to do damage (at best near other downed hunters so they can shoot too).

Then it would be no question to run or not, everyone would run.


but as it stands a monster with low health can just pounce the last hunter even if they’re shooting. now the hunter cant shoot and it’s just cutscene pummeled to death with no chance of counterplay.


Shooting a big adrenaline pumped 2 story tall fire breathing, lighting shooting , dimension warping monster with a pistol won’t do anything to it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s risk vs reward. All your teammates are down and still you’re nearby? Well, that’s the risk you took. Played it safe and ran? Well, you are almost guaranteed a dropship and another chance, but the monster has another shot at armoring it up. Killed it while the two of you were left? Then the gamble paid off. The monster killed one of you while you stayed and fought and then pounced the other? Whelp, you hit broke, better luck next time. I like pounce for punishing lone hunters, especially the trapper. I would hate to see that tool taken away.


I like the pounce too. I just don’t like it on the last hunter. Feels cheap and unfair to me. at least give me the decency of killing me with a skill.


The other downed hunters can still shoot on the monster while it pounces and eats you, and it takes a while to down a hunter with sneak-pounce. And if you’re alone (everyone completely dead) and standing next to the monster, well then you should have run earlier…but you decided to keep infight/damage whatsoever and lost now.
Thats exactly the point it would be no choice then anymore to run early and not support the team or to run late (maybe to late). Everyone would run late with no downsides for the hunters. Currently its a tactical choice - its btw only a matter if the monster has low health because otherwise with medium or high health the monster will win anyway.


That is what I usually do myself. But I can see why other monsters do it. If the assault shields, I will pounce to break the shield because I want to end the match flashily with a skill instead of wasting them on his shield and killing him with boring melee attacks. The only times I really ended the match with a pounce was when someone got eaten by wildlife and I didn’t realize it. As I said though, it’s all about it being a gamble and risk vs reward. Death by pounce or other means is what happens when that gamble does not pay off.


I could say the same thing with Maggie’s machine PISTOL primary.


Pistol < Machine Pistol Honestly which sounds stronger?