Allison Road, a horror game inspired by Silent Hills PT, has been cancelled -



Huh. I guess it really was inspired by P.T.


I think you pretty much said all there is to say on this subject right there


It got cancelled? Shit. I was looking forward to it…
Just a year ago it looked so hopeful.


Outlast 2 is the only exciting one I know about now…


Seems PT carries a curse around itself. Shame it got cancelled, looked promising


Don’t forget the Friday the 13th game.


Oh yeah, thats the 4v1, yeah?


Worry not, we always have Last Year to look forward to.


What I really want to see is a horror game like that, but with more known characters
e.g. Jason, Leatherface(maybe even Terminator or Alien, but toned down to be balanced)


i has a sad :confounded:


You think this is sad?


We almost had a game like that called Summer Camp, wel except for the Terminator part. However, the Indie creators were approached by the creators of F13 who said they wanted them to basically change it all to F13.
Then it was cancelled. :rolling_eyes:


Almost all the Red Lanterns’ origins are sad. :cry:
But this one has to be the saddest. Also the Red Rings seem to have no standards to who/what becomes a Red Lantern apparently. :smirk_cat:


Was really hyped about the game has to see it go down the shitter. :frowning:


Aw that would’ve been perfect!


Sorry , I misread that post. Summer Camp was cancelled but the F13 is still being developed.