Allegedly real gold monster skins ....TRS tell me are these real , can I buy them?


Ok so first of if you go to youtube and search up a youtuber called “othersiders” you will find gameplay of them using the currently purchasable monster skins but their are some videos of them playing with golden TRS skins as the monsters ex:wraith , goliath,kraken. And when view ask “how do I get this?” They never respond. So im curious to know whether or not these skins are real OK yes first they have gameplay of the skins but who sais they couldn’t have simply edited they footage ? Or modded it some how? Is this an exlusive item , easter egg , dev prop,etc. TRS devs please answer my question…I’d at least like to know whether or not these
are real

Full youtuber name : theothersiders360


There are supposed to be some dev exclusive skins. Maybe that’s what you’re seeing?


Damn spelling errors my thumbs are to fat XD


No I dont think so why would they make a skin or even let random youtubers use them…im pretty sure these guys might have bought or done something to get them…most likely fakes


There are solid gold monster skins, but there is no information on how they are obtained as of yet. They may be the exclusive dev skins. Who knows? We’ll find out soon, I’m sure.


Yeah but problem is these are youtubers not devs these are just random joes with these skins…people are saying you can win these…somehow


If I hear about it, I’ll let you know for sure! I haven’t heard word on it yet.


Lol. It seems like hiding wont be part of their strategy.