All youtube/twitch users, look over here please!


Hi everyone, I’m gonna make this short and simple: I LOVE to watch people play Evolve, and I was wondering if any of you upload your gameplays to youtube so I can subscribe, watch and like. The only thing I ask for is that you play games in RANKED hunt, not quickplay or solo - I wanna see ranked games. And if you have a twitch account feel free to give it to me aswell, I subscribe/follow everyone :smile: Cheers and happy hunting! Except for Slim players and flee til’ 3 monsters, wishing you all bad luck lol <3

Love this one :heart_eyes:


I just about only play ranked with my actual team when I stream. Go ahead and watch ^.^

On twitch my channel name is demonhunter1245


Thank you, subscribed and activated notifications, I will watch every time :slight_smile:


The guys at will play Evolve on the regular. I’ll usually be on with them, playing Crow.


My youtube : you already know it lol
My unused Twitch Channel : Alexis_xDaRkNeZzChAoSx


Hey slim is a great medic
I agree with the whole flee till 3 tho


yeah slim is a awesome medic since his automatic buff love to play as him my new main Medic xD
and he still feel balanced for me if i play monster ^^


Yes I’ve been subscribing for you so long now, love your Gorgon games _


My youtube is pretty dead, but my has most of my PS4 ESL games archived under highlights. All from old patches, but there ya go.

Edit: Like Deanimate, almost only Goliath. Like, one or two bad Kraken games.



You’re only going to find Goliath gameplay here. There’s tournament play, ranked and some customs.

I don’t stream much but


Lovely, thank you! :slight_smile:


I have a twitch, I do ranked and quickplay. Name is the same on here.


Somewhere in my highlights are scrims from the Evolvegame stream against NjP, tournaments and customs

same for youtube + feeding routes and other stuff related to monster



Not playing Ranked though, because most of the time it’s as boring as Quick Play and Solo, not to mention 1 hour long waiting times.

Mostly playing customs with competitive and semi-competitive players.


Subscribe to me all my videos are about Slim :heart:


Well, I’ve got a few Evolve videos floating around on youtube. Only problem is that they’re all pretty old. Like, pre-5.0 old.


YT channel: Snake Sound

I have 205 videos (around 117 of those are Evolve) and 105 subscribers. I’m saying this because someone else is also using the name Snake Sound, and I want to direct you to my channel, not the other channel.

I play Quick Play more often than Ranked due to QP finding players faster than Ranked and for the trophies and accolades. I have to wait like, 3 minutes for a match in Ranked, but a few seconds for a match in Quick Play. I will try to do more Ranked though, as I seem to be finding matches faster now in Ranked. BTW would you be okay with seeing some evac gameplay?

I am in the Somewhat Awesome Games PS4 community, so I might start joining their games, and they might not be ranked.


just put the direct link to your channel



There’s @Ryke676 and @Noodles who do play ranked, but practice with their friends and are VERY competitive. (And still scared of Deanimate’s Goliath. :wink: )

And also Benjo_Gaming, who plays Evolve ranked. @Seedsy, @GrizzleMarine, and @SuperBadJuJu might now him as Sonic. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Daisy_Slayer already mentioned himself. :wink:

Juju plays ranked as well.

And Seeds is “relearning” it. I is disappoint Seeds. How could you forget such a great game? /KappaRoss