All you pro parnell players

So I’m having a shit ton of fun with Parnell now that I’m getting the hang of good range and accurate hits with his shotty and getting better at leading targets with his rocket launcher, but now I’m really having a hard time deciding which perk to use cause they all work so well…
Capacity: 14 shots instead of 10 +2 rockets, landing some good headshots and having those extra four shots is insanely handy and I’ve skinned several game wins on fleeing monsters with those extra two rockets.
Damage bonus: works great obviously but I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not
Damage resistance: I’ve used on several occasions to keep the pressure off the medic and it doesn’t drain as much health with my super soldier so I don’t feel so guilty keeping it on cool down and buys me time to do serious damage before popping my shield.
Health regeneration: mostly use when laz is medic but I’m still trying to figure out if I should pick it over damage resistance
Reload speed: makes shit go boom a lot faster, I can keep the pressure at a very nice rate normally and I almost never miss a beat under the super soldier stim, but can’t decide over capacity and or damage bonus. Also why this one is questionable is because when not using reload speed I’ve gotten into the habit of emptying my clip on the shotty then pop the monster with 3 rockets while reloading and swap back to shotty.
Also perks and albino buffs don’t stack right? Ex. 10 percent damage resistance + 14 percent from armadon= a very tough S.O.B.??
I wanna hear you Parnell players’ opinions, what perk do you wreck shop with and why??

I almost always use damage with assaults but with Parnell I think reload is the best. It allows you to maximize your time in SS and use it more often as well. Even aside from damage it’s useful to have it as a speed boost during the hunt like Caira’s adrenaline field.

For maximum raw DPS Idk that requires some controlled experiments.

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Ah hell I forgot it reduces the cooldowm on SS too! Shit haha

I’m one of the most Average Evolve Players out there. But I play Assault a lot and I fuck with my man Parnell.

Lately I’ve been running Jetpack Recharge or Movement Speed. SS pretty much gives you Jump Height, Movement Speed, Quick Switch, Damage Increase and Reload Speed so no need to really pick those.

The key is you have to be in good position to use the Combat Shotgun and so pop SS and not waste it. Movement Speed helps keep the DPS up when SS isn’t ready but Jetpack Recharge does that and lets you dodge and prevent being knocked away and wasting SS.


Nice tactic :o would have never thought about using jetpack recharge…gonna have to try it!

I’ve run Quick Switch with Parnell, you never stop firing. And when you use SS, the reloads for each weapon sync up, so you are not wasting any time reloading, you can use an entire clip, then switch to the other weapon and continue firing. Unless you get a reload bug.


If I want to get the monster on the evolve I go movement speed.

If I want to be more combat oriented I go capacity.

There’s no point in reload cuz you already reload faster with SS unless you want faster shields.

I’ve tried damage buff but capacity is way better as long as you can aim.


always run movemant speed and try to catch evolving monstar iam not really good with him i can do better damige with any ather assoult :grin:




ew, no capacity you PC boys :wink:

Really?! D: I tend to go reload for more SS. Is it not worth it? (In like Arena. In hunt ofc, I would go Movement.)

SS gives you four perks inn one so why wouldn’t you want to use it more often?

Correct. The game will choose the higher value. But now they’ve been evened out so the buffs are equal to the higher level perks, so for example if I take Reload Speed as my perk, there’s no point in picking up the Reload Speed buff.

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Because you can get MUCH more damage off by using your shotgun and SS on the face of an evolving monster. ~3 bars of HP melted before the dome fight even begins. And then 1 minute of further carnage begins.

Movement speed with the aid of SS during the chase will get you very close to the monster (I often race with @SQUAry_berry395 when he goes Parnell, because it’s disheartening as a Trapper to see other people in the team ahead of you in the chase DX).

Ah makes sense. Thanks! I’ll try it out.

Personally I don’t like it on Parnell since the cool down isn’t that much for me.

It’s just personal preference I suppose.

(I’m in school btw so sorry if I don’t answer you quickly >.<)

It can do more than 3 bars actually it depends on how fast I am to get before he hits the stage I think the maximum is 75% of his health.

Gonna link you a vid from Roon to show you how powerful Parnell is on an evolve, but I don’t think he as powerful since the new 5.0 update gonna have to do some testing.

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Torvald is mvp.

Oh this is a Parnell thread… Yeah he’s… An assault :smiley:

@demonhunter1245 Noob stop talking about Torbald! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
#####i sorry please don’t hurt me!

I go with HP regen because idk If the medic woul heal. With a medic that’ll heal, definitely Reload Speed to get SS and PS up faster. I’d say it works well. I haven’t used any other perks besides these 2.

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I refuse!! Darn you!

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