All Xbone Players ATM


Stares at clock and drools Almost there…


At work now :frowning: could you update when you get access I needs to know when I’m done if I can finally T4!

Thanks in advance!


Well I will be broadcasting on twitch… I’ll be sure to update my Broadcasting Thread when I can actually start to use the damn things.

I would like to know though…

I’m playing Evolve right now but when Xbox is given its “release” do I need to restart the game or what?


Likely Xbox will move you to the home screen and notify you that Evolve needs an update, or it may even download them/unlock them in the background seeing as how the season pass is a separate thing in the marketplace, just like skins…

tl:dr We’ll just have to wait and see =P


New Hunters and Monster unlocked! Confirmed!

Installing now… @DamJess

  1. You have to leave the game,
  2. Go into Games and Apps,
  3. Hover over Evolve, press Start, select Manage Game,
  4. Go to the right and select Install All items available for download.

Xbox players post here letting us know when you have access