All Watched Topics Have Been Set to Normal


It’s the title. Here are some pics.

That’s obviously the Hunter Topic, and as many of you know, I watch every single topic. Now if I scroll down I get this:

Which means it’s no longer under my watched list. I got a notification for this topic however.


A little bump.


Another bump because it’s still happening.


@codinghorror you got anything on this?


This is probably a godsend to you shunty. Call it divinine intervention. :smile:

Seriously though, have you tried restarting your browser? Could just be overloaded with topics being so it’s been crazy lately.


I have, nothing happened after. I still get the notifications for every new topic, I just don’t see the numbers on the amount of posts in that topic, just the last one who replied. I got on today and had over 233 notifications to go through.


Try removing the watching all category thing in preferences and watch a couple of topics for a while. See if it still happens with that little amount of watched topics.


@sam changed how this works, we’ll have to ask him. I think that’s correct, perhaps he can clarify.


@sam sorry to double tag you, buy mind explaining what codinghorror is talking about?


Just to clarify THE ACTUAL FUNCTIONALITY IS EXACTLY THE SAME but under the hood it works differently. There could be bugs in the new implementation.



If you are having any issues on a watched category

  • Remove the watch for the category
  • Save profile
  • Add a watch again on the category
  • Save

If you notice any issues after that link me to the problem topic, I will need to impersonate your account to have a look.