All Tier 4 hunters need nerf


I since the update and introduction of the new hunters and the Behemoth i have had a lot of fun playing all the new characters, particularly Behemoth and Sunny the support. All the new characters are fun and unique in their own way, they are good, but the hunters are “too” good, sunny and Torvald especially.

I realise the crux of sunny is her mininuke grenade launcher, and its claim to be the most powerful single shot weapon in the game, but its too powerful, i also know the support i supposed to provide back-up firepower for the assault, but sunny’s 'nade launcher is rediculous. also, sunny’s Shield generator has way too much range on it, i get that its easy enough to destroy, but given the rate at which she can just “pop them out” that also, is rediculous. I dont think its unreasonable to say that the range on the shield generators need to be “halved”. and her launcher to have either “double” the reload time or about a 30% reduction in its damage.

Moving on to torvald. He is a great assault, but again, too great. But im not picking on his mortars, i actually think they are spot on, given the A) luck or B) skill needed to get decent effectiveness out of them, there is nothing more satisfying than melting a monsters armour by hitting it with a full barrage or mortars. No, what makes torvald OP is his shotgun. I honestly feel like this thing puts out more dps than Parnell while under the effect of his super-soldier ability. it simply needs a straight up damage reduction, of what… lets say… 30-40%? yeah, those a big numbers, but thats the point.

but wait, theres more, thought not as urgent, i’d still like to throw a few more things in:

  • damage reduction on all Teir 4 pistols when downed, they do almost as much damage as maggie’s MP
  • Slight damage reduction for Slim’s leech gun and Crow’s Longrifle (rapid fire rounds)
  • and to be honest, maybe even a slight (slight) increase in heals from Slim’s heal burst.
  • and back to crow again, a buff to either increase the hitbox of the charged stasis gun rounds or faster projectile speed

ive also found that Gobi, on occasion, wont pick up the monster and that Slim’s healing drone, although deployed and following a fellow hunter, will not actually heal. just some minor bugs i have experienced.

im not saying i havent enjoyed playing with and against the new characters, i love playing sunny and effortlessly slaughtering the monster, but its no fun if every game is easy as p*ss, and im sure the monsters i have played against would agree.


You know what would be fun? Having the hunters for more than 3 days before people cry for a nerf.


The Sheild drone has same range as hank I believe only difference is you can destroy it and it dosent block first attacks.

Slim doesn’t need a buff people are complaining enough about his self healing.

Crows hitbox is abit messy sometimes, granted.

Torvald could do with a tiny damage reduction considering Parnell does more damage than him still, he’s not too far off.


I actually think the complaints are well given, I was so excited to start making counter arguements to everyone crying OP on them but Gwyn above this tier is insane as of right now
Edit: Except for Crow, i actually think hes in a perfect spot rn


seriously though, i wouldnt commit the time and energy if i didnt feel like it was a valid point to some extent, im not just speaking from my own perspective, i prefer playing hunters, so ive played enough of the all the hunters to know when the game is easier than it should be, and when with any other combination of hunters, the monster shouldve won.


I don’t agree with you. Per usual, gamers are so quick to cry nerf. These new characters and monsters have been out 2 days now; perhaps we should all take a deep breath and let the dust settle before we ask TRS to start nerfing the hell out of everything.

Also, as others in different threads have pointed out, good monster players are already starting to shred a team of 4 level 40’s with the new characters. Please, everyone…take a deep breath.

P.S. - It may just be a little divine retribution for all those of you out there who played Wraith exclusively since release :wink:


No. Sunny is perfect. She averages 7k damage. Which is about what the other supports’ damaging abilities add up to. Her shield is worse then Hanks and she makes up for that with the jetpack beam. So… ya perfect.

As for Torvald… fuck Idk I suck ass when I play him(only played him a few times). So whatever nerf his ass… or jack him up. Fuck do I care.


I agree with a lot of your points. Honestly after playing as/against torvald a bunch in the last day I don’t think he’s as op as he seems. I think in conjunction with sunny and all the other shit he’s insane simply because ignoring him is fatal but trying to smash his face in isn’t so easy with his shield and sunny.
Something you didn’t mention is how broken Crow’s charged stasis shot is. Abe’s stasis grenades are one thing but you can move out of them. The stasis shot you can’t move out of. On some of the maps once a charged shot hits it’s almost impossible to escape by running and you can’t hide and double back because Gobi can see you through walls.
As far as slim goes I don’t know if he’s op but he is certainly extremely annoying. His gun actually hurts quite a bit but unlike caira he doesn’t really have to choose between doing damage and healing. His smell grenade is also brutal when you’re trying to keep track of torvald and stay away from him. Maybe it’s because I have a small monitor but a lot of the time I get hit by the grenade I literally cannot see the hunters anymore.


Torvald needs a nerf, I don’t know how anyone can suggest otherwise

I am seeing a lot more Krakens because they are the best to use against him

I think Sunny’s nuke gun needs a slight nerf; she does a bit too much damage as a support

Crow is fine IMO

Slim is fine for the most part, but that spore cloud gun can be a little OP at times as well


It’s easier because the new Hunter just came out. Players are still developing new strategies to compete with these hunters,so give it at least a week before you ask for a nerf.


Is it because of the Mortars? Because those are incredibly easy to dodge if you just
A) Stay mobile B) Attack him first because he cant aim it at his feet.


I have yet to be beaten by the new hunters, not bragging just saying that Goliath and I have been together a lot longer than These new pieces of grub.


I don’t think it’s so much that the new hunters are too strong as it’s Behemoth that’s too weak. It’s causing inflated opinions about the new hunters. Everyone is playing Behe and Tier 4 because it’s the new content, and Behe is getting smashed due to currently either being bugged or just too weak comparatively; which skews people’s perception.

IMO wait until they fix Behe before doing anything to the hunters.


Who’s Gwyn


Lord of Cinders, i kind of take this Sun worship thing a bit far sometimes


Isn’t that a Dark Soul’s thing?


It is mainly the mortars.

It may be easy to dodge a few, but the problem is he only needs to hit a couple to wipe entire bars of health

I think the should either give it a much longer cooldown, or decrease the damage done

I have used him and lost, so he is not so OP he is game breaking
But there have been a couple games where I was going for getting mortar damage and I almost felt bad for the monster

Kinda felt cheap being able to deal that much damage that quickly


Yep, and sadly a religion from a video game made more sense to me than a religion in the real world.


You forgot to say “April Fools!” at the end of your post, OP.


What monster. Because if he’s Behemoth that’s a known glitch.