All Tier 4 Elite Skins and Behemoth Elite Skin


I recently finished all Tier 4 elite and Behemoth as well so these are all the elite skins for anyone who wants to see if they look good and are worth it.






Stage 1 No Armor

Stage 1 Full Armor

Stage 2 No Armor

Stage 2 Full Armor

Stage 3 No Armor

Stage 3 Full Armor


Cool :smile:


These are aweosme! Thank you so much! Elite Behemoth skin would also be a nice touch in my opinion. Possibly with full armor?


165% on the jetpack booster?!?!?!
How does this science even science?!?


This one goes to 11.

Normal: 100%

  • Elite: 10%
    +Capacity +50%
    =165%, beware science!


that’s 7 boosted jetpack boosts…well GG monsters everywhere, good luck ever escaping :cry:


If anyone wants me to, I can get some pics of Behemoth’s elite skin



Lmao that 5th picture :3


I’ll do all 3 stages with not full and full armor then. Let me just finish this game.


that 5th pic was when the game froze and Behemoth was stuck in attack positions XD


Nah it’s more like "Omg selfiee!!"


I see that in the last picture the 5th is like a selfie or one of those scenes where an enemy picks you up punches you then throws you


Where is that 6th picture made? my mind is confused


They’re all on Colonial Water and Power Defend


Ahh yeah now i see… donth play those maps that often cuz Hunt is to way to go :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the post, looks nice.


Damn. I’m pretty close to eliting Slim, I just need to find someone willing to help me with the tier 3 spore cloud in a custom match.


100+10 = 110% base. 110*1.5 = 165%. Beware science indeed.


I would of got Elite Behemoth but just when the match i got it in was going to end it crashed xD