All these people with press release!


It makes me so jelly, I’m like a jellyfish.

Are they handing out anymore anytime soon?


They let some of the forum members get some, but I can’t imagine them giving out much more this close to release


It makes me so sad :/. I had all these followers from streaming Evolve in beta, I just want to play and stream more!


Seriously don’t even watch the streams.That’s what i do.Except from getting pissed off that i don’t have the game i’m also getting pissed off by some of them that have no idea about Evolve and they are making assumptions like Daisy has bad AI because she doesn’t follow footprints(The monster was sneaking and Daisy was howling for Maggie to follow her but…)Those people making bad name for the game -.-
But the forum members playing they’ll most certainly be entertaining.(tho i still won’t watch them :stuck_out_tongue: )


A lot of the fair weather streamers are long gone. The ones that are left are fairly knowledgeable, plus all the new forum invites.


yeah the top few are meh. but scroll down. @maddcow is a knowledge fest. hes spewing out knowledge faster than a college professor lol.


So what you’re saying is @MaddCow be like

when knowledge needs to be issued? :smiley:


Some more livestream for your viewing pleasure. Will be doing this all day, give or take a Dr.'s appointment :stuck_out_tongue: Will be starting her up in about 5 minutes. Going to be warming up and seeing if the bot’s AI is still ugly.

MaddCow’s Twitchyness


As i said exclude our forum members who got access.They know what’s up so watch them instead of the “big” names


yeah what i like about MaddCow’s performance is that he doesnt care if there is 3 ppl watching or 1000s. he talks like its a seminar lol.


I played as Hunter with all bots, pretty brutal. I had to swap between hunters to make sure trapping and healing was done properly.


Just got back from the Dr.'s appointment. Will be streaming for the rest of the day. Going to try and get some organized groups going. Feel free to join and watch the cow at work.

MaddCow’s Twitchyness


Lol ya I played alpha and beta I should have streamed them cause I knew so much more due to how much I’ve followed the game.


Dr’s appointment ? Dat baby…


Another spawn of cow. Got tired of trying to find people to game with, so I bred my own :smiley:


Hey, hearing the ocasional baby during stream is quite funny, im like hearing you comentating and suddenly, a baby groans or something, xD.


He likes to sit on my lap, especially with Evolve :slight_smile: I think he likes the monsters. Just like daddy :wink:


Then one day, his first word will be… cow, or monster, or evolve, one of those.


Heh. He can sign a couple dozen words right now. The few words he can say are the usual. Mom, Dad etc… He can also make animal sounds. I love his cow Moo :slight_smile:


Then at 5 he will start kindergarten ( did i spell it right ) and he will just be saying MOO the whole time.