All these bugs


I do love Evolve. Dispite all it’s flaws I really do have enjoyment. But, all these bugs they have yet to address and fix and all the constant new bugs that keep being added in with every patch really just fustrates me. I had to take a 2 week break from the game cause I was getting so fed up with it, even bugs from the beta are still in the game like the Kraken bugs. It really leans me on the edge of taking another huge break from the game.


It takes awhile to fix a game’s bugs. Please be patient, and know that TRS tries as hard as they can to keep the game as functional as possible.


I understand that and I have been patient. But there are still bugs in this game that I know myself and other people have reported since the beta was release and they still aren’t patched.


Again, it’s not as easy as just “fixing” the issue. There’s a lot that goes into making a game like this.

But, I understand your frustration.


That’s why I have been patient. I understand all the Q and A they have to do to find the issues, resolve it and get it out to us. Still, there are also some balancing decisions I don’t exactly agree with but that’s either here nor there.


You and me both, buddy.


Example: I don’t get why Hyde keeps getting buffed! ;_; He was already amazing (In my opinion the best Assault) and they go ahead and buff him again.