All the hunters have super-genius IQs?


According to

The average human brain increases by 3.2% in terms of graymatter amount and 1.5% in terms of volume for every generation of humans due to epigenetic and mutational effects. This means that by 2500, the average human cranium will be around 85% larger than normal.

Human intelligence increases by 3 points every 10 years.

Since the Evolve timeline takes place at around 2300, or 300 years from now, it means a 90 IQ gain.

The average human will have an IQ of 190, while the smarter ones like Caira will have perhaps 220 or more.

So every human will be as smart as Christopher Michael Langan, or smarter.


Looks at Markov, Hank, Hyde, Torvald, Slim and Daisy.

Theory disproved.


hyde and torvald yeah

but in what world is markov slim hank and especially daisy stupid?



I think IQ is a measure of relative intelligence, so the mean IQ would stay the same, it’s just what this number would mean would change


Markov is stupid. Hank is DEFINITELY stupid. Slim, eh. Maybe not. Daisy is retarded.


Not that IQ says anything even today…


Torvold was a engineer wasn’t he, he managed to build himself a robot body, so i imagine he’s reasonably smart


…I forgot about that. Damn.

Alright, Markov, Hyde and Hank are still pretty dumb though! And Daisy…


Oh, OP is the person that stated that Einstein had an IQ of 300 and Monster players with 180 are better… duh.
This is retareded trolling…


Yes, we all know @Galactoid is trolling. The point is: He’s amusing and doesn’t bother anyone. Bravo to him. :slight_smile:


Hank is a mechanic and pilot
Hyde’s insanity may seem like stupidity but we can’t be certain of that, he could be crazy gifted in areas that we don’t really see


Shh…I say Hank is stupid because his English makes me want to punch a wall. I’m a little biased.


Because of his southern accent?


Things like “That don’t make no sense at all!” actually. Shinny has a mild southern accent, I like his voice.


Was going ask about Shin.

Yeah, I imagine that hank has a particularly strong one


Hank’s makes @Shin’s sound flat.

Isn’t that right, Shinny?


Nooo! I don’t want a southern accent. -.-


Hyde modified his… ¨chemsprayer?¨ into a flametower.


It’s alright, the thing is tiny. Hardly noticeable, very little impact. You don’t really have much of an accent, Shinny.

@ZsoronZ …Fine, Markov is dumb.


Markov was working in space as a welder, i think this requires a minimum of intelligence.