All teams here!


Hello everyone, if you have a team and you’re ready for the challenge.

Write: DEVICE, LOCATION, TEAMMATES and their ROLE to let some other teams challange your team.

I will gradually add new teams…

:monster: Denny -
:medic: LaggerCZE -
:support: Cr0cDoc -
:trapper: Adam_Divis -
:assault: Morfistro_Morfistro -

:monster: ???
:medic: MeTheBigShow -
:support: SlinkyGuy -
:trapper: Kiluh -
:assault: Christopher_Wilson -

:monster: Fraschu26 -
:medic: Plaff -
:support: michigan_ball -
:trapper: Youngmanr6 -
:assault: Ziekky -

:monster: Zammi - (not in forum yet)
:medic: Calibar -
:support: AriZona - (not in forum yet)
:trapper: HaloFreak114 - (not in forum yet)
:assault: KingOfOnePiece - (not in forum yet)

:monster: Wumbidumbi -
:medic: Core - (not in forum yet)
:support: Cynetix - (not in forum yet)
:trapper: John Sheppard - (not in forum yet)
:assault: Lyphe - (not in forum yet)

Choose the team you wanna play against, contact them and beat them!
If you’re searching for guys try this topic:

The Beta CHALLENGE Thread!
A team for the Beta!
Teams For Post Launch Evolve Tournaments (Xbox One)
Looking for a team of hunters to play against

You should make a few reservation posts for this, you can only have 10 @'s in one post at a time.


Indeed, from me on start saving some posts.

And damn @Plaff you are doing a good job on the members topic u are making.


Ah thanks a lot, now it’s OK


I can try to get all in. ehem.

-Me :trapper:
@SlinkyGuy :support: :bucket:
@Christopher_Wilson :assault:
@MeTheBigShow :medic:

Atleast I think this was our setup!

EDIT: On Xbox One


I will go ahead and challenge you guys during the beta :stuck_out_tongue:

Always wanted to kill bucket, never got to face one during BAlpha.

Edit: Stand in line sannom :3


Never mind! I don’t do teh ex-bonez.


@Sannom @MultiDavid Xb1!


:sob: If only I had a complete team to play with. So far it’s just my friend and I


Rrrrr… damn it kiluh >:(

I will join you if you want @Yazkin depends if you are on PC or not :wink:


I’m definitely a PC master race patron. I didn’t spend $1000 for an xBone :wink:


Hahaha, tell me what you and your friend play and ill pick from one of the rest.


Oh good luck then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We play trapper and monster respectively. So i’m still in need of the other 3 hunters.


Tell me location please, btw you don’t have any monster in your team yet?


Ill take support then :3


I think there should be a list of Monsters to rotate through groups for either challenge/variety :slight_smile:


It would be very big, for i am sure most of the people on the forums are very capable monsters as well as hunters :wink:


I have no clue of where all the guys are from more than Slinky but atleast I think most of us are EU?
No we don’t have a monster :slight_smile:



:medic: @Plaff
:assault: @Ziekky :support: Myself
:trapper: @Youngmanr6
:monster: @Fraschu26