All Skin showcases here/Elite Kraken looks amazing


Guys i unlocked Elite Kraken today and looks awesome
Here’s the link to my showcase check it out
I got Elite Goliath( ) as well, Elite Wraith coming soon
Ill upload a showcase to every Monster skin so stay tuned


wow. idk maybe its just me but kraken has the highest level of detail. he looks AMAZING with all skins. but that elite is just…perfect lol.


So beautiful!


That is SICK, man!


He looks so different to all the other skins. White colors suit him.


I love it! Thanks for sharing :smile:


I think the elite albino skins for the monsters are especially beautiful because they give them a very sickly and diseased look. Maybe even ancient? Either way. They actually look threatening, like freakin’ Moby Dick, but on land. And it’s perfect. You’re in for a good fight if you see one of those pop up.


Guys I just uploaded the Wraith Elite-skin showcase check it out:
The other Goliath Skins will be uploaded today too so stay tuned


I wish I could somehow record or have someone else take photos of me as the Bog Monsters. Bog Kraken…just, wow.