All right. 2muchKraken4me


Ive had it with these motherfcking Kraken s on this motherfcking game. Three games in a row and three Kraken s too many. Our team of randoms actually beat the first one barely and the second went afk and we took no mercy. When I saw the 3rd match being another Kraken, I just closed Evolve. But its like these people have no shame. “A weekend Bucket challenge? Better pick the Kraken, DEEEEEERP.” The turrets do very little against squidward and im just sick of him being king. Cant they give the turrets like a 20% range increase against airborne targets. I dont think this would bother the other monsters much except for Sky Wraith hopefully. The first Kraken we played was also zooming with aftershock, which is yet another helpful bug.

Kraken must have sacrificed ten gungans to the mammoth bird in the sky to get helpful bugs on top of being the best monster already. Not to mention im already seeing supports not play bucket man. The scum of the earth play Evolve, they rage quit after scumming it up for 20 mins and will send you a flurry of curse words if you dare ask them anything.And also inb4 WAHHHHHHHHH

F*CK DA KRAKEN!!! That is all._.


I’ve been a Kraken main since the beta. ;~;


Away with you. Naw im kidding. I assume 90% of Krakens are just tier whores. I personally think the Kraken is a bore to play as but thats just me. Idk why my 2rd paragraph has that odd font. Darn Ps4.


I can stage 1 win as Kraken right now, because of his ridiculous mobility. I play Wraith though, he’s a bore to me as well.


You win, sir. You win.


It would be nice if the Turrets had more vertical range, perhaps infinite within a certain radius.

Ditto for Harpoon Traps, its silly that Kraken can fly over either of them.


Yeah It would be nice for the range to be a cyllinder instead of a sphere. targeting anything in its range, up or down.


That would be perfect in my opinion.


Well, if you want the best chance of winning Kraken is the way to go. Since the devs tweaked the CC against Kraken they’ve become far less effective.


All I was saying is the others aren’t useless, its like Wraith, shitty players will use him till he gets fixed then they’ll suck for a bit again.


SN and Decoy are worthless now. WB and Abduct ftw.

And yeah, for some people, such as myself, Kraken is too slow for us to do well with.


I also find kraken to be really slow. I jump into the air and I get shot dead. I cant ever escape. I know he is good as I see everyone else playing him and being awesome. Just not for me.

The Big G and Brohemoth are where its at.


Seeing kraken now is like seeing pre-nerf Wraith. Whenever I see a kraken now, I just think to myself: shame on you.


Guys you should learn how to use a stasis power to take Krakens down, not that difficult.


stasis effects are good against bad krakens, not good krakens.
good krakens knows to save the Air-burst till they are an inch from the floor, negating the effect entirely.


@Megamouth Not only this, there’s a bug in the game for all platforms that makes CC useless vs a Kraken. As in, LITERALLY does nothing when he’s in the air. In combat, he can no longer be geounded.

So yes. not that difficult.

Physically impossible.


Nothing can bring the Kraken down atm… It’s ridiculous.


I manage to score plenty of wins with Wraith and Goliath, whereas Behemoth is a solid 50-50 for me personally… Kraken though. I only play Kraken when I want to lose a game. Honestly, I don’t get how the hell people can be so annoying with him x’D I’ve got a hard time surviving with him, so thumbs up for those who can do more than that - But I do agree that in the hands of an experienced player the Kraken is an overpowered enemy.


really? thats your response to being told you’re wrong about a mechanic tied to kraken thats currently bugged?. that people who complain are crying all day long?.
I am probably one of the very few who likes kraken just the way he is, and keep in mind that im a hunter main. i like fighting him, when hes as strong as he is now.

i actually pitty you.


I agree with you I NEVER play monster, but I love fighting a kraken, I usually never find one I can’t beat. I also agreed with OP though, it’s kinda shitty that they’re just flying over the turrets during this challenge.