"All players have left the lobby" why am I the one being punished for this?


Like what’s the logic behind it?

  • All the hunters leave for whatever reason, the monster stays and the game ends.
  • The monster has to stay in the lobby until new players are found
  • If monster player leaves the said lobby then they’ll get a abandon lobby connection penalty

Like why TRS? Why? :cry:


yeah that really sucks the Monster must get the win like in Hunt 2.0


I once had to play the same exact match three times because Hunters kept ditching.


Yeah, I always hate that. The ditching penalty in general, I don’t think really deters anything. Counting the quit as a loss on that character is enough, I think.


I really hate that in quicklpay it not only doesn’t give you a win but it forces you back into searching for a match and an unfun situation.

Hunters can literally just deny you a win by all leaving. Even if it isn’t fair it should leave you with bots or something.


You mean monsters don’t get a win if the hunters abandoned the match? I know monsters that abandon or disconnect from a match get a lose counted into their rank stats.

I’ve been in those kind of matches, it sucks when it happens repeatedly.

The penalty is more punishing than it really is, I almost never abandon matches and it sucks that people who don’t abandon matches get punish by it as well. :pensive:

Yeah like the game goes on when a monster player leaves. I don’t know what happens in Hunt though.


i know, it doesn’t make sense and is Unfair.

I pray that there is a fix


@Shaners @LadieAuPair


Agreed. I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times as well, really annoying. Especially when it’s a game where I’m not derping out all the time


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