All Platforms - Missing Meteor Goliath (updated)

I don’t seem to have the option to pick Meteor Goliath anymore, and neither can my friends on XB1.
Did it accidentally get taken away when the F2P weekend was over?

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Alright I’m checking this out. I have PC, I’ll be back in a moment right after this break :wink:

It’s missing ;_; I’ll never be the same again. I’m going to go cry in the shower, then cry myself to sleep.

Leik if u cri everytim

Yeah, it’s an issue all platforms are experiencing at the moment.

@Donut @Pythios RIP. He was so young. So muscly.

2K execs saw that we were having too much fun for free.


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Meteor is gone?
I never got the chance to try him out, except for one match of solo play.

Gone from ps4 as well I guess it looks like we might have to buy it after all I felt it was free just for the free weekend

It was always supposed to be free, this is just a mistake.


I think it’s connected with the free weekend, so as soon as they took it down MG went with it

Thanks wasn’t sure :confused:

All platforms, got it. Don’t worry, this should be fixed soon. (I expect)

Update: our “Live Team” confirmed they are working on it.

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It’s an entitlement issue. You think you are entitled to it, but you are not! What have you done to earn it!?


I’m kinda happy he is gone, was getting sick of all those Meteor Goliaths who like to rush damage buff and then spam fire breath with it. Damage with that new fire breath is borderline broken considering short CD, and with sloth buff IT IS broken. If only wildlife buffs was off in ranked hunt…

Dont hate on meteor goliath just cause some ppl are cheap and run straight for the buff :stuck_out_tongue:

90% of them in my experience, because there are very few monster players in my region and we keep getting matched with same tryhards. After Hunt 2.0 update region can’t be changed by changing it in Steam, so we’re pretty much stuck with same few ppl.

Someone wanna close this one down? It was fixed a while ago now

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