All other Players left the match


So I was playing gorgon and i was winning pretty hard against a hunter team a few minutes ago. Just when i had dowend 3 hunters during one stage 2 fight the match closed down. The game told me “All other players left the match” and i wasent rewarded with a win although i was just 1 dowend hunter away from winning.

Obviously the hunters left on purpose in order to deny me a win.

I am pretty sure this has happend to others as well and I am certain the dev will fix this.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of this issue.


Happened to me as well.
I mean before the update, when I was still able to do that.


Thanks for the info! Will converse about this issue today.


Good, tired of raining acid down on the corpses of hunters and just when i’m about to devour the last one “could not connect to host” and then nothing gained at all.