All my posts/comments get hidden by the bot

As the title says, all the posts and comments I create today and yesterday are getting hidden by the bot and nobody in your staff helped me so far. Nothing I post is spam, I only post bugs, expecting to help, suggestions, and debate about the game. What gives, forum?

Care to link me to these posts that I might assess them for errors?

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Sure, I replied here for example, my recent comment was just hidden by the bot.

I replied here, yesterday, same thing, comment hidden by the bot.

As for the posts, I’m not sure how I can share the link with you since my new posts are hidden. I can tell you their title if it helps. I think one of them is titled “Falling outside the world” or something along these lines.

Hmm. What exactly did you post, and did you get some sort of notification or were they just- poof- gone?

I see your threads and your comments.
Maybe they’re just not showing up for you? Are you posting from your phone or a computer?