All monsters related?

I’m just speculating here, and ive heard from other users that they are but i would like to get others opinions. so as the title suggests, are the monsters related? They certainly seem to be for me at least, there are subtle differences between each monster. Kraken and Wraith are a good example, Kraken can fly, Wraith can hover, Kraken and Wraith both have 4 arms, ect. Thats just a small example but if you scroll through all the monsters and look at the similarities, it definitely does seem like there is a connection between all 4.
anyone elses thoughts?

They are related on a genetic level.


Aren’t we all.

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This statement makes me filled with joy, and want to weep at the same time.

The biggest problem with the gene pool: Not enough Chlorine.


The feels, too much, must bathe in muscle milk for lack of manliness

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I bathe in Bull Shark Testosterone.

My jewels shrink from Rubys to little Diamonds.

I need to stop playing GTA…


You can see a natural progression, starting with Behemoth’s Magma (The center of the planet) toning down to Goliath’s Fire (The planet’s surface), then going to electricity with Kraken (the sky) before going into a space age feeling with Wraith (Stars, galaxies, etc.). Makes me curious where future monsters will land on this chart. If we can go past Wraith or Before Behemoth what would it be / do and what would be it’s elemental tie? If it fits in between then where at (I’d put it somewhere before or more likely after Goliath) and how will that element transition (since Kraken’s electricity supposedly deals with Bohrium then my guess is that if it’s gas it will as well)? If it does end up as a poisonous monster as many think it might how will it use that and what is its role in their little gang (most speculate it’s going to be the “monster that makes more monsters” Maggie mentions)?

Curious questions indeed…