All monsters are OP



Im not just talking about the wraith either. Literally every single monster is OP to all get out. I got caught at stage 1 granted with full health and armor but I decided no to flee combat after the arena went down and i managed to kill the whole team AT STAGE 1!. Not only that but it was EZ! When combat was done I was at like 1/2 health. And when I play hunter any decent monster always kills me and my whole team. I dont think there is any extent of teamwork that could be pulled off by the hunters to over come the op monster either.The monster has WAYYYY too much health and outputs so much damage. I understand. its a monster, but like jesus. I’ve won I think 2 games as hunters and have played around 15. I’ve won every game as monster. No challenge. You gotta make either give the monster a health and damage nerf or give the hunters a damage and health buff. Its just way too easy for monster to win.

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Also I think you should change it where the hunters dont get health debuffs after being revived or being redeployed. Once the monster gets you down twice or even once its gg for that hunter.


Monster has a smaller initial learning curve. Hunters have to work together. In a couple days you’ll start kicking monster ass.

Unless I’m going up against another founder who is experienced I can generally carry my pug team to victory with the trapper or the support or medic.


Are you in Ranked Mode yet?


I wouldn’t risk ranked mode now with this rotation bug happening.


Me? Nope. Probably could be by now if I went straight monster but I’ve been playing all the different characters unlockin perks and stuff.


I’m an Evolve veteran and me and my group have the very opposite experience, we have been bulldozing every single monster player we’ve come across. In our assessment, the monsters are UP.

You see the problem of trying to gauge OP and UPness when you’re new?


No, not you. I was asking @McDonaldsnapkin!


Are the op threads back in action?


I will not touch ranked until the next patch that will fix the selection bug. But I dont think I should have to play ranked for a fair experience.


I’ve played 2 games as the wraith and both times I got caught stage 1 and both times I killed all the hunters with around 3/4 health remaining at the end. I played old evolve and it wasn’t like this. If you even look in patch notes you’ll see that the monster got a health and armor buff while hunters didn’t get any buffs. These buffs need to be reversed


Give the game a little time to adjust out of the BETA and see if things change.

I know what you are talking about though. The Monsters are very strong and can easily rip apart Hunter teams. IF that Hunter team isn’t experianced yet. Harsh words I know but they are true for this game. It was like this when it orginially came out too and then people started getting better and the balance swings started in force.But for now the vets are going to have an advantage just because of there experiance and the only way to win in this game…is to literally “Get Good”. I don’t mean that sarcasticlly either, practise…team work…map awareness… Hunter comps…there are a lot of things to learn in this game but once you do you will see the game in a new light.


I played the very first original beta of evolve before it retailed for release. The game was much more even and fair back then. I remember going back in forth on the monster in the hunter winning and it’s just not like that anymore.


When the game launched, everyone was crying how OP the Monsters were. Well, they were then and are now, balanced to be a 4 man team that one person can play. As a hunter, you must pull your weight or lose. Practice makes perfect. After a month after Launch, most people began to realize that the Hunters were actually the OP ones, but by then the Monsters got under the nerf hammer because of people crying at launch. So then Hunters steam rolled and it became a very frustrating, high tension, very unfun experience for Monsters due to how hard we had to work to keep up with hunters (who were the real monsters).

Now we have new hunters. New people who don’t have mics, don’t work together, and just picked up the game yesterday. Yeah, for now it’s like chum in the water. You’ll see that Hunters are more powerful than you think when you begin understanding the game with everyone else. Give it two weeks or seek someone to train you.


Well then…it’s how you play, either the Monster or the hunter. I’ve played both sides since Stage 2 came out and my W/L is about 1.5 over all. If I’m playing people I can tell are new to the game, easy win… doesn’t matter if I’m monster or Hunter. If it’s vet(s) then I got a serious fight on my hands. I haven’t lost a single match as Monster to new players, I have stage one wins with all of the monsters, but I have lost to vets that know what they are doing as Hunters.


Against a good comp choice and all hunters playing correctly it’s very difficult for the monster to win. Even one weak link hunter and most likely monster will win even if he’s not that good.


This should help you really gain a grasp on the game. Monsters really aren’t OP the hunter role just isn’t easy to pick up. I 100% recommend jetpack recharge perks for all new players.


That was when everyone was starting out fresh. Now you’ve got people with hundreds of hours played.


Xbox person here but have been watching a lot of twitch since stage 2 started just yesterday I think every thing looks good if not the best that it has been since the game was first released and if you are complaining about monsters being op come to xbox were the previous update is still there wait until you fight elder kraken or gorgon they are op. I seen all monsters except for elder kraken on twitch and the look very toned down which is good and they look much more well rounded every thing about this update looks much better and plays much more even you just need to coordinate with your team better and dodge accordingly.