All maps on beta


I saw that all maps would be available but I’ve only played four I belive in a 7 hour session. Are they rolling out throughout the beta?


No, all maps are in right from the get go.
What maps have you played on thus far?


Only the three from the alpha and orbital drill


Consequently, I’ve only seen streamers play those. Hmm.


Most likely has to do with the reason T3 isn’t unlocked. I think the patch tomorrow will fix a lot of things.


Cool, thanks! Sorry all those twitter people are baggin’ on you guys for their lack of research into dlc :slight_smile:


I have also seen this issue before so you are not the only one. I hope the patch fixes this…if anything you should get all the maps by the time Evac. goes live for you guys.


That was also a question I had. So evac has been down all day?


Evac. won’t open until the 17th for you guys. It was not going to be implemented at the start of the Beta.


Well we will definitely have them for evac because we can pick them ourselves :smile: