All Maps got laggy since the patch and Broken Hill Foundry is unplayable [PC]


Hello community,

i got very extreme lag issues since the last patch which i hadnt before. Before the patch i had some lags while the feeding animation as the map was still loading but they went away after. Now i got increased lag on all maps it takes way longer to load the map and i experience lag that dosent go away like before.

Also the new map broken hill foundry starts with a 20 sec. black screen then the feeding animation starts(really laggy) and the hunter drop in when i made my first step. The lag dosent seem to get away at this map at all --> unplayable.

The other new map broken hill mine however is fine and lag free.

Pls fix what ever you screwed up with the patch so i can play again.

p.s. my platform is PC


What platform?


PC sorry forgot to say


I’m gonna add that to the title if that’s fine with you.


OFC it is thx


Do you think it’s the frame rate dropping or the game lagging due to connection issues or something of the sort?


I can say for sure its not my internet. Got 100 mbits/sec. andnothing beside playing was done. It looks like framerate drops. Sometimes nothing moves at all like 1 fps for 5 sec. It also occurs in solo mode if that helps.


Have you tried restarting the game and see if the issue goes away? If not how persistent is the lag?


Yes ofc i tried that. Its not that. Also i cant ever play Broken Hill Foundary. I get black screen that takes longer then the hunters to drop in as my blackscreen was gone last match i was on 2 bars… this map is really extrem


@MrStrategio can help you better than I can with the issue.


I played both map and didn’t have any problems.


It seems to be a major problem with the eBroken Hill Foundry map. I keeped testing and it seems the other maps seem to be fine after the first 20 sec. however Broken Hill Foundry results into a black screen that so long that the hunters drop on me and kill me bfore i can move and when i am backfilled into that map or play hunter its so laggy i just cant play.


I would try verifying the game cache through Steam or possibly even re-installing if you have the time. It’s possible that the update didn’t install properly for you.


This is true. Everything installed fine, but the entire game client is laggy since the update (PC). Even in menu screens, and there’s delays between clicking. It seems to be using more resources even when it’s running in the background. Foundry is fine, but the game itself has slowed down quite a bit.


what are your specs? i run the new maps/old just fine


maybe try to install a earlier version of your video drivers it may be that or the oposite


My Pc is bad i play it on 800x600 pixels and everything on low. But what is important is that BESIDE Broken Hill Foundry(town map) i can play the other maps without lags after some secs into the game they DONT start with a over 20 to 30 sec black screen and then also dont have 1 fps. The hunter DONT drop in on me before my feeding animation stops (ok happend 2 times but on this map it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME)


previous to patch I was running 90/100 fps on max settings on my GTX 970 G4 … and now I barely reach 60~ FPS’s.

I dunno if the problem is on my side: “I’ve been noticing some weird things lately outside the game” but If more people show up with the same problem, It would made sense.


i5 GTX960 here and was able to easily play the game on max settings on stable 70+ fps. After 2.3.6 not so much anymore. Particle effects like dust tagging and the dropship hatch opening cause quite some fps drops now. Add to that occasional 1-2 second freezes in the character selection or ingame. Definitely made me play Evolve alot less than I used to. :disappointed_relieved:


I noticed a performance decrease as well with each update, although still decently high FPS. More lag issues too, but those pop up when there is someone in the match with bad latency. Seems to be an increase in players from other countries which doesn’t work out in the latency department.

Latency lag aside, I suppose Evolve is trying to pre-load too much data, or its simply spending to much time decompressing and searching through the data. All I know is that I had to put my SSD in RAPID mode to compensate. My sequential read speeds were fine, but the random read times were really low. I’m not sure if this normally is directly related to games in this fashion, but I haven’t had any issues since. Though to be honest I don’t know if the random read results are even good, I just know its helped immensely.

@MacMan should this normally be an issue? I’m just wondering what stats the computers are you guys test stuff on where you receive acceptable no loading issues. “Minimum hardware requirements” Should allow this to happen, but with games getting more intense, the system must also have the right settings to produce certain test results (not just the right hardware)

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