All hype gone. Feeling like a second class citizen on PS4


We get no bonuses whatsoever. No special edition. Nothing. People defended an exclusive beta but this? Nothing. We have no incentives whatsoever for our version. Seriously has me hating this game.


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Its okay pal, the pain will soon be over.


When a company goes out of its way to promote the game on other platforms with awesome exclusive content you lose hype?


And thats important enough to make a thread about it… because…?


If you wait a year, you might be able to buy the GOTY edition. Will that suffice?


The less you know the more you’ll enjoy and it’ll be like a late christmas present, the one that you always wanted :smile:


Timed exclusive content. So many PS4 games got timed exclusive content. I’m not too worried, doesn’t change my opinion of the gameplay


Because i have a right to post about issues that I deem relevant regardless of your view. Hop along now.


What do you think the most popular platform will be?


Take a break, plenty of other dumb threads are made… The guy has a right to express his disappointment. The PS4 crowd is getting screwed.


Whichever platform people have. PC right now is 1st, followed by Xbox, and then PS4. However, how many people will decide to buy a specific console for timed exclusive content? Most people who get it will already have at least 1 of the 3


Where did you get the data for those rankings?


When you say 1st, 2nd and 3rd, what do you mean? PC will have the most users at release? Is that a guarantee or just an estimate from your experiences so far?


The fact that the PC has the monster race and digital deluxe editions, and the Xbox has the tier 3 unlock and the open beta with more time. PS4 literally has no incentives right now. @CivRules I was referring to the likely hood of someone owning all 3 systems determining which system to pic. I’m a PS4 gamer but again, PS4 doesn’t have jack in terms of exclusivity


You still get the preorder deal, right?
Preorder and get Behemoth and Savage Goliath skin free.
You can also preorder from Amazon and get the instant tier 2 hunter pack.

There’s no ‘exclusives’, but all of the exclusivity deals only last 30 days anyway.
If you’re willing to let your hype disappear for a game you enjoyed just because you don’t get… what? Tier 3 unlocked immediately on preorder? 2 days earlier access to beta?

None of that will matter come March, anyway.


Sorry I thought you were talking in terms of units sold. Perhaps ps4 will come out on top because of the greater units out?


Will the monster race bonuses only last thirty days as well? Is this confirmed?


Oh and the Limited/Deluxe Edition for PS4 has yet to be announced so keep an eye over the coming weeks.


What monster bonuses?