All hunters should have this

For when they get pounced

Edit: closed for not having seen the movie.



(Also changing it to Off Topic)

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Disrespectful! This should be changed to suggesstions :blush:

You know honestly I didn’t even see this cannon penis until after you said something. It reminded me of that one scene from predator

…Uuuummm…I am confused. And concerned.


If ya don’t think about it will go away eventually.

I don’t know what it is though…He wants all hunters to carry grenades for when pounced? The point of a pounce is to punish an isolated hunter. I don’t know why anyone would want to take that aspect of the game, like, honestly? ._.

facepalm look closer…

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Oooooooooooooh this is a joke thread…Right. Nevermind me. >_>

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I’m surprised no one here has seen from dusk till dawn, fantastic movie.

hahaha I LOVE From Dusk 'Till Dawn