All hunters ragequit = kicked out of game


And back into the lobby on your own as a monster. Seriously, why isn’t this handled better???


Why dont you stop leaving games before loosing first King?.


Stay obsessed


Honestly there was no way a guy can have 150-0.There is no way you played 150 games and in 150 everything went correct for you.Even if you are good there will be times that they got you at stage 1 by luck.Or you couldn’t find good wildlife.Or whatever.

Without even having proofs i’d say they were disconnecting before loosing


He just had a friend change his name to king and disconnect a game. All because I exposed their team as cheaters (Iru=Araji, Vecsoria)


Oh so everyone else did that too? all the people on the steam forums are out to get you? :frowning: so sad for you.


I only see you and your friends this obsessed with me (the best goliath in the world)
it’s unhealthy man :smiley:


You’re not fooling anyone.


Oh you are king?

Hey dude i have no personal difference with anyone.I’m just saying.There is no way this is possible.In 150 games you have never met a good team of hunters?



if you are King, can you please stop dodging losses please? Thank you.

and cheatcalling these guys again, really? Really?


He has. and he has left everytime he was about to loose. i attached a video you can see if you want the video :stuck_out_tongue:


I have but I was just better. Some people got so mad that they actually changed their name to king to lose on purpose on video and claim it was me lol

pretty sad but oh well, can’t be the best without having a few haters



Your level of Ignorance is … out of this world.


Stay obsessed :wink:


Oh man, your denying is just comedy gold! No really, it’s like I’m reading the script of a Bollywood drama. The laughs! xD


Stay dodgy. :sunglasses:


You’re gonna look pretty damn stupid when the leaderboards are fixed and past leaves get thrown into your deaths/losses.

TRS won’t be the first company to do it :smiley: just look at Arenanet and Guildwars 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


This is gold.


Git gud guise