All hunters ragequit = kicked back to menu


Will they ever fix this?

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well anyone?



should count as a monster win.



trs would never do that



yah ive had that happen few times sucks balls…

everyone quits…I nab the last guy in a sneak attack…just as hes dieing he quits…and I get insta kicked to lobby…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ stupid ass system for sure. but heres the best part…if a monster rages guess what hunters still get to play and if they win…it counts…soooooooo yeah…LAME



Your not even adding in the biggest downside of this issue, its the fact you can play 4 rounds of evacuation Win them all as monsters, and if all the hunters leave the game at the menu before the 5th day starts it just puts you back in que You Lose all your bonus xp (colonists killed) for winning all those matches and you get thrown into a new/abandoned session of evac. This is why i only play skirmish/hunt mode.



Wow, no wonder this game is dead



So YOU’RE the infamous King



Gonna be honest, we wouldn’t have “rage” quit on you if you had actually taken the win one of those, what, three times you had 3 of us down and just walked away from the fourth one instead of killing you.

Or, you know, if you didn’t have a reputation as a leaver, King.



Hey, I was in this game. This Goliath is king, like leaves every game, is number 1 on the leaderboards King. We left because he also leaves all of his games. Also, he got us down to one person. Then ran away. Then got us down to one person. Then ran away, very easy win, but he kept dragging on the game. So we left, because screw that type of play, also don’t feel bad leaving against the leaving king.



Note how he cropped it to not show his name? He doesn’t want you to know that it is the greatest leaver of them all, enjoy making another forum account because this one has been found out.



Yeah, here’s the thing. We had lost, you had us down, and you had assault 20 feet from you when you left. You weren’t low on health. You could easily have won.

So, you left the fight, armored up. Ok, we thought, fine. You had some plan, I guess, or you missed Assault. You then killed him while we were on the dropship, then proceeded to kill 2 more of us, then leave again.

This made no sense. You take the win, and don’t waste our time. This is why we left, you were griefing, and we weren’t going to waste 10 minutes for you to do this.

Don’t play it off as if we ragequit… all of us take our licks like good sports. But we don’t put up with trolling & griefing to that degree.



Well the game is dead because of negativity more than anything and reviews of this game being “repetitive” or “inconsistent” The main game mode is Hunt not Catch, and there are certain aspects of the hunt that remain the same no matter what your hunting, be it deer or a 2 story tall monster how it all ends however is a major difference of course. The game overall is much more interesting than most other games out currently.



I will have to agree, if the monster is truthfully farming you, then i would just go die to wildlife if the entire team agreed that the monster is farming. its a quick way to end the match or /ff(surrender) you’d have to be more descriptive on the situation since he didn’t include the hud on the screen shot, so i can’t see his health or armor. if he was 1 bar of HP then i could see why he might be skittish to over committing a fight even at stage 3, :neutral_face: Note that im not taking a side, just looking for more information. but otherwise i support a non troll monster play style when playing against hunters i respect.



Why is King making such ironic posts lately? A while back he made a post asking why it’s possible for hunters to rage quit… :laughing:

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@darkinwolf he had a lot of health left. Probably 50%ish, I can’t remember. Regardless, it’s KING complaining about this, so it’s rather hypocritical.

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Haha. It’s ironic that he makes a post like this when he’s the number one player abusing the system. If what Aekath and others said is true and op was just griefing I would have left too.





He was missing maybe 2 bars total, as a stage 3.



I ran into a certain player tonight, a player that killed all but one of us and left them alive. When the dropship came they killed that lone survivor, then killed two of the hunters that just dropped in, leaving the last one alive while they left the immediate area rather than finish the battle. He evolved on top of one of us…even canceled out his evolve twice just to make sure that his head was perfectly aligned with the hunter’s own face during it. A taunt, I get that, but the cat and mouse playing with your food? And on and on again it went. It was very obvious we were being mopped over and over. At one point I was the lone survivor and I sat there at the relay waiting for this monster player to come at me, deciding not to bother fighting back but allow him to kill me just to end the match, but he held still on the platform until the dropship came…same story. Eventually the match ended because we grouped up so he could kill us all at once.

Sore winners…that causes people to quit. If you are winning, you take the win. You don’t mop the floor with all but one, then let them all spawn back just to do it again and again. Players realize you’re doing this when you stand right there waiting or just go off right when you could have easily taken the win. Completely poor sportsmanship. Some folks just enjoy tormenting other people for fun and could care less how cheap and honorless that style of playing is, or how it hurts the game overall for everyone. It drives people away from playing the game. It’s one thing to graciously best other players but it’s quite another to repeatedly smash their face into it and grind it in so hard it makes them want to leave the game…and not just that round but shut the game off completely or drive them away from it.

Several good monster players I know have issues with hunters quitting out on them after a round or two. Some people can’t handle being beaten multiple times or beaten really badly really quickly by ace players. This is a legitimate concern that they lose all those points when the whole team leaves. BUT, that being said, that isn’t always the case since many hunters will stick it out and see it as a challenge to win. Rage quitting would tend to happen more if the monster player is playing sadistically or maliciously. We come to the game to have fun, not to come away from it beat up and angry.