All hunters equal?


So I am really excited for this game, but after reading some articles and seeing some videos I have one main concern about the hunters and how well they balance out.

It seems to me that when the hunters are being discussed that most of the attention is given to the trapper and his ability to corner the monster. Now I don’t have a problem with a character being able to dictate the monster’s moments but because I feel like more attention is given to this character than the rest it has me concerned that he may be more important than the others.

My worry is that if he (or any other character) is indeed considered more valuable than the other hunters then the strategy for the monster will simply be to focus all of his attacks on just that one character hunter until he dies and then be able to simply dispatch of the rest of the hunters who are now without their most valuable team member. Likewise, I also don’t want to see a situation where one type of hunter is considered less important and thus is thought of as expendable. I don’t see much talk or focus on the support class for instance which makes me wonder if he is though of as less important.

I know this being an asymmetric multilayer that the balancing for the Dev team is going to be difficult but I just want to be assured that if one type of hunter is lost that it is just as devastating as losing any other type of hunter.


i think anyone with a half decent plan will always try to get the medic


You make some really good points here, these are also a few worries of mine. I think the hype over the trapper is just because he’s relevantly new, classes like him have never been seen before compared to support, assault etc. I think it’s not that damaging to lose your assault class, since you can still survive fairly well with your medic and support alive, it just means you’ll have to do a lot of running away since the monster won’t have to worry about losing armour/health


Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on playstyles, one hunter may be a bigger target than others. The medic is a big target because she would make it harder to kill the other hunters, the trapper is a larger threat at stage 1 and 2, but by stage 3, I don’t see him being super important except maybe to help keep the monster away from a downed teammate, and the orbital barrage I believe is the single strongest attack currently plus he has his shield gun. And Markov is Markov lol


All the way throughout the Medic is gonna be a massive target really


Yup, and the hunter will be harpooning it away from the medic and the support can shield it if the monster gets too close. All the hunters should make it hard for the monster to hit the medic. I feel like a good hunter team will make it so that it is impossible to target one particular hunter because there are so many abilities that can stop the monster from being able to take down a single target because then all other hunters can then lend their aid


Technically the support should be the easiest to get since he can’t shield himself and the Trapper’s harpoon has to reload eventually, but then again he has the invisibility which I haven’t really seen in action


That’s when the medic starts using the healing beam on him.


It sounds like if the hunters really work together then they’re almost unbeatable, there’s always a way to protect a teammate and I’m struggling to find ways how the monster can beat a good team now. I’m guessing it’ll have to use the wildlife as a trap


That, or if they manage to get one person separated long enough to eliminate another player ect. It has to be possible otherwise turtle rock would have hit that wall in their testing. Obviously they are still finding strategies and counter strategies. I know they said that in the demos, most matches went 60/40 in favor of the monsters, but this is of course b4 anyone really knew what they were doing


I’m loving this conversation and how it seems like this will be a game that takes a lot of strategy, teamwork, and intelligence about the game overall! That’s my kind of game right there; I like a high learning curve, because it keeps a game interesting as you continually learn new techniques or best practices…freaking awesome :smiley:


There’s gotta be a “crack” in the teamwork eventually I suppose. Getting one hunter incapacitated would be that I imagine


The different hunter combos are gonna be really cool to see too, you could probably have an all female team against a monster which (generally speaking) is a new take on things


Exactly, that “crack” will be what determines which team wins, plus a little luck I’m sure


When I played at the Gadget Show, their team’s trapper decided to wander off by himself which gave me an easy kill. From there on it was pretty simple, although they did put up a good final fight


You make it stage 3?


Yep, I just wish I played around more with the stealth since I completely forgot about it


That’s definitely a fair concern. Rest assured we’ve been paying very close attention to this since the beginning. Since we had a playable game about four months into development, that’s over three years of playtesting and balancing at this point.

The Trapper is not any more (or less) essential to bringing down the Monster than any of the other classes. Each has a specific job to do. If the team sees the monster going after any one class exclusively, the rest have the tools to make sure the targeted Hunter stays in the game and that the Monster doesn’t come away from it unscathed.


While they all have very important roles, I think the Support class is going to be vital against pro monsters. For those of us who haven’t experienced the game yet, we are going to learn a lot Thursday. I’m super pumped!


Yes, Support in Evolve is unlike most Supports from other games. He plays an absolutely critical role. Exceptional Support players will master feathering the Shield Projector rather than spamming it. Because it works on a cool-down mechanic, you cannot spam the shield on teammates indefinitely. So well-timed shield bursts and tapping of the trigger just as the Monster is about to land a strike on a teammate will maximize the effectiveness and sustainability of the Supports’ shielding abilities.