All Hunters (and Daisy) Dead, but the Hunt Continues


Last night, I was playing Hunt solo with all perks disabled, and all other rules default:

At Stage 2, I killed all of the hunters, Daisy was the last one standing. She just was running around in circles (up and down a wall) making it very difficult for me to melee her to death so I sneak pounced her. She died, and I even earned the “GOTCHA” Achievement, but the match did not end, within the next few minutes all of the hunters (and daisy) returned and the fight continued.


Ummmm…are you EU? Because if yes, that was me and my team. You killed us all, and the dropship came in second afterwards with everyone onboard. It was crazy…


I don’t think he was @LaggerCZE


I’m blind… sawry.


If nothing else it shows that it exists outside of Solo as well.


Yesterday my team lost to a monster, but the match didn’t end when the last guy went down. I was the second to last to fall and was still incapped (not dead) when the last hunter was incapped. The match didn’t end until the monster killed the last hunter completely. The game seemed to ignore the fact that we were all either incapped or dead until that last guy died completely. It was probably only 6 or 7 seconds, but since matches generally end instantly when the final hunter is incapped, it was very noticeable.