All Hail The Tiki Turret Tower Of Doom

Enough said :bucket_salute:

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Haha You made a post about it :smiley:
It was funny :smile:

Lol this picture was one I took another day

One good rock throw that’s all I need :wink:

explain the different positioning

Lol Warp Blast would work too. Almost anything really.

One lightning strike from kraken ought to do it as well, now behemoth? Sigh, he can’t even destroy Markov arch mines right now >.< the tongue grab was a stupid move to make

Lol yeah it kinda sucks but he tanks the damage so it’s all right I guess. Lava bomb and fissure destroy them but it’s something you rather use on hunters.

On xbone the other day neither lava bomb or fissure worked on the mines, behemoth is really more of a brute strength monster, I can’t even rely on the special in defend, melee does more work it seems on the generators

I know there’s a glitch where Behemoth can’t destroy the mines is Markov is dead. Haven’t really seen that with other monsters strangely enough.

I’m going to just give it the benefit of the doubt and say its because they’ve had time to tweak the other monsters