All hail the mighty plaff


I just watched plaff play wraith and it was beautiful wanted to congratulate him


Thank you :smiley:

I’ve been playing Wraith almost exclusively at the minute, trying to find out what’s working well for me and what isn’t. I feel like that shows in my gameplay. Thanks for watching last night :slight_smile: .


Plaff not playing kraken??? unheard of :smiley:
BTW @Plaff will you be on tonight?


I haven’t played Kraken in forever, I took him last night in the tourney and just got wrecked, I need some time to adjust to the balance changes.

I’ll be on tonight, me and some of the guys in the team I’m in are gonna practice.


can I join in :smile:?


If the space is free you can take observer, we just want to make sure everyone gets a playable role so we can try and improve on the mistakes we made last night.


what happened?


They got beat bad. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to see it or participate :frowning: .


We only had three players including me. Our main Medic player and Assault were busy so we had to get something together quickly. Long story short, we all switched up roles and it went terribly, I usually main Trapper in our group but I had to switch to Medic (my secondary role) whilst our Support players switched between Trapper. It was a mess to be honest, we really didn’t do well.


If you need someone make sure to throw me a text. I haven’t been terribly busy, and I’m willing to be a stand in.


did you guys have to go through gamebattles and such to get that stand-in guy to play? we are in the same position for tonight


We just invited a friend. I’d play with you guys but I’m pretty sure that’s against the tourney rules.


@Plaff xbox?


I’m on PS4, sorry :frowning:


oh ok. we shud have no problem then. we have ppl to play with but we were unsure of the rules. we didnt want to forfeit the hunters side bcuz of it.


the rules just state free substitution as long as they aren’t in a team within the tournament


You are definitely better as trapper. :wink: