All girls team: Val or Caira?

Sunny, Mags and Lennox.

Lets find a good medic for them?


Val, Val and Sunny are a much better combo than Caira and Sunny

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But…but… Val sucks…




Then I must be playing with bad Vals

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For wich game mode/ monster ?

Probably. Val trumps Caira for overall usefulness. Sunny + Val is a great pairing. Caira + Sunny doesn’t really benefit the team much.

Caira just tanks and draws aggro, I suppose, but the utility of a sky Val makes a Monster melt.

val sunny if u got awesome synergie with each other and the team is used to the val mindset. also u have to play out her strenght aka stage 1 dome to destroy the armor tranqboostpoon chase with chip dmg (arround 2-3 bars are easy) to kill him in the next stage 1 dome or on the evolve dome. (trapper HAS to use reload )

most ppl are just playing val wrong (ure not suppost to sit on the medgun right @nimp ? Kappa)
works awesome vs everything but kraken.

kraken is hard even for us (we got like 800 games as val sunny griffin x) its doable but hard

caira sunny =fail

When I’m a monster (Goliath) and playing against a Val, it’s almost a guaranteed win for me. Actually I think I’ve never lost to a Val my entire evolve life

Caira, but that’s just because she’s by far my favourite hunter, nothing against Val or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

then u never played vs a good val team. especially if ure picking goliath :stuck_out_tongue:

poll it, thats the only way

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  • :val_cute: : Val - Seducer of Hunky Men every everywhere.
  • :caira_cute: Caira - The girl with an appetite of for destruction.

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Since when does Caira have an appetite for destruction? She just wants to keep her team alive while occasionally burning them with napalm on accident even D: … Or so she says :stuck_out_tongue:

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You obvioously haven’t played Caira enough.

Oh, about 90% of my playtime is playing her, don’t worry about that.

Well now that you mention it, I think she actually does enjoy burning stuff D:

That is what I mean.

Decode @Matthew’s message, lies or facts?

this is where i meant to reply it mods,

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