All Elite Buff Perks


Been trying to figure out which wildlife creatures have an elite version and what elite buffs they drop. Looked all over the forums and Wiki and couldn’t find all of the wildlife and what perks they all give. Please post if I have anything wrong or need to add something. Hopefully we can have all the info here for what bonuses elite wildlife give.

(Monster Bonus)
(Hunter Bonus)

35% Damage Resistance
35% Damage Resistance

Blitz Leopard
Climbing Speed
100% Jump Height

Canyon Strider
30% Movement Speed Increase
30% Movement Speed Increase

(75%?) Feeding Speed Increase
Wildlife runs away

Crowbill Sloth
35% Damage Increase
35% Damage Increase

Desert Nomad
50% Traversal Cooldown

Dune Beetle

Mammoth Bird
50% Ability Cooldown Reduction
50% Faster Reload / Weapon Switch

100% Pounce Damage
50% Cooldown Reduction

Obsidian Beetle
Friendly Birds
75% Battery / Clip size increase

35% Increase in Armour Regeneration
35% Less Fuel Cost

100% Smell Range Increase

No Elite Buffs?

Health Regeneration
Health Regeneration

Venom Hound
Poison Attacks
Poison Attacks


Nice job! Unfortunately the thread already exists here - The Wildlife of Shear Guide - Why they matter to the Hunters and Monsters

It’s not your fault though. It’s actually kinda tough to find if you don’t already know where it is.