All editions of Evolve (PC) 75% off on Gamesplanet - Season passes 50% off


Just in case we have some lurkers on the forum, or some of you guys have some friends that are interested in getting into the game.

Here’s a link:✓&query=Evolve

Some seriously great value :smile:


You know what makes me happy?

That I have all the DLC, just from buying 2 things (Don’t count skins)

Hunting Season Pass 1 and 2


Well, technically Behemoth isn’t a part of any edition, so I’m guessing you got him as the preorder bonus? :slightly_smiling:

And yeah, I also just bought the PCMR edition for ~$65 before launch and haven’t had to worry about DLC since then. No regrets ^^


Well here’s the weird thing. Some stores are late on games so at Toy r us they were late on getting games switched around so I had bought Evolve a week later on my birthday last year and I got the goliath skin and Bob for free. So yea!


Ha, sweet :slightly_smiling:


Does anyone know what happens if you own the base edition of the game and no DLC, but buy the PCMR edition and try to activate that?

Because if a person owns no DLC it would actually be cheaper to get the PCMR edition rather than buying the two season passes, but I’m not sure if steam will object.


Good question. It should still work. It might show up as two versions of the game (serparat) but I doubt it.


Yeah, it should work. You won’t receive an extra copy of the game, but you should still receive all the DLC.


I’d also shared this sale on the Evolve subreddit. Someone in the exact situation we described bought the PCMR Edition and added to steam, and now has all of the DLC :slight_smile: It was simply added to his game, no duplicate games.