All DLCs must be paid for every user account on console



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I share my house and PS4 with my brother.
We both have our own PSN+ account.
We had pre-ordered the game the very first day available on Amazon, a long ago.

Now people is telling me that for my brother to use the pre-order bonus (Behemoth) on the same console, I would have to buy the same content again???

If so, it’s clear that my family loved you guys because you were bringing this amazing concept to life, and rewarded you with its trust, but your publisher didn’t reward, and so maybe didn’t love, my family’s trust, giving a preorder bonus to one account and not to its primary console as usual, is something that should be unheard of, and actually it’s no bonus for us whatsoever. I searched on the forums before posting, but I still would like to hear it from you guys.

Now, please tell me that it won’t be the same with the Hunting Season Pass. Will the tier 4 hunters be available for multiple users of the same console (as it should be)?

I was then planning to buy him another console AND another game’s copy for its soon to come birthday, if the balance patch hits the right spots, what about in that particular case? I could maybe understand, in that particular situation, to have to pay for it twice, being it played on two consoles at the same time… But not if it’s on the same console.

Someone would say “just use one account for both of you”. Sony would be happy to know that publishing choices are keeping people from using the PS4 as intended, with personal accounts.

Can some expert enlighten me?

Tier Four Hunters Revealed
Tier Four Hunters Revealed

Any content purchased on a PS4 by an account registered as the Primary account allows all accounts on said PS4 to play any and all purchased content. He will be able to play the content on his account when playing on your ps4.


Anyone on your system can use it.



Skins are locked onto one account idk about Behemoth


I hope so.
As Jordan says, that doesn’t work for skins for sure atm, and I’ve been told that it won’t work for the preorder Behemoth, too, this is why I’m concerned and would appreciate an official statement.
I’m in already in love with the t4 chars, but not so much to buy them twice.

A certain answer on the Behemoth issue would be appreciated too.


I own wraith bog skin, and my friend (Primary PS4 owner/registered) owns hunter skins.
I cannot use hunter skins. He cannot use my bog skin.
Case closed. (For skins anyways)


See my girl could use all the skins I had until she made her own 2k account. If she signs in with her gamertag and doesn’t have a my2k linked then she can use my skins, when she links, she loses it.

EDIT: BTW Xbox One


Thanks guys, so we got this covered about the skins.
Now I’m waiting for an official statement about the preorder and/or the tier 4 pass.


I even read the legal terms on the PS store, and I found nothing: it’s said that it can be used on the main PS4, without even logging into PSN, and that you must be logged with the account that purchased the content to access it on other platforms. But it’s the same legal terms that are written under the skins, and we know for sure that it’s a plain LIE.

If I had buyed skins, I’d ask for a refound.


I know that with Xbox there’s a setting allowing you to give other users access to your DLC, but I don’t know whether PS4 has this too. :confused:


This is not a problem TRS can help you with. You’re going to have to take this fight with PSN+ and/or 2K. TRS only make the content, they don’t decide which account on a PS4 gets to use it.


I’ve an Xbox too, they’re similar about it.
It’s automatic on the PS4, you if you do mark the system as your primary one, the content on the PS4 is available for any other user to play. Otherwise you would have to buy an games for N users… Total madness.
It’s obviously the same for DLCs, unless some greedy publisher sets a DLC as restricted only on one user, on purpose.
It’s what happened with the skins… And as I’ve been told, it’s the same with the Behemoth preorder.

The shame is that the legal notes on the store, DO NOT MENTION IT. They say that you can use it on your primary system without logging that user, but no other user is able to use purchased skins.

It’s something so WRONG that it gives me itches by itself. Let’s imagine if even the HS pass will be the same.
A skin shouldn’t be worth even the 1% of the game, so buying it at the actual price, is more of a “thank you” to the devs. A thank you from a family is evidently not appreciated the same.


Maybe being it their own game, they’re - at least - informed on marketing decisions… Otherwise it would be like, oh guys nice game I would buy it for sure. How much does it cost? Oh we dunno, ask the publisher.

An answer on the forum would help other users, too. A mail won’t.

This game is already forcing me to buy the skins for every player. Without mentioning it anywhere on the legal terms in the store. I just want to know if they (2K) plan to do something like this on the “real” DLCs, also. It would be something unheard of.
TRS team is informed for sure about it.


Sure, it can’t hurt to ask… but I’m almost 100% sure the developers aren’t even interested in knowing stuff like this… unless for personal reasons. Anything that has to do with sales and marketing is 2K, and anything that has to do with PSN+ is Sony PS4…


I understand your point. Well, anyway, seen that marketing decisions are 90% of the problems this otherwise amazing game incountered, I guess that they are quite interested about it.

If they decide to not talk about it, for their own reasons, it’s something different. But my educated guess is that maaaaybe someone in their marketing team knows about it, if he/she’s not involved in any extent.

As a loyal customer of TRS, I prefer to ask them directly, before mailing to 2K. And, if I would be them, I would answer a simple legitimate question.


@DamJess may I call you in for help? I’m sure that someone from marketing/pr/licensing/etc department knows about the answer


I did it myself.

Excerpt from 2K mail

"Thank you for contacting 2K Support!

I am understand (sic) you have some questions about the DLC in Evolve for PS4. I know it is frustrating when confusion about DLC ruins your fun! I genuinely would like to help you out with this!

To answer your first question, any DLC purchased can be used for one PSNID only, including sub-accounts. This will apply to all the DLC purchased in Evolve. I do not know why the PlayStation store makes those claims because, as I understand it, the DLC will onlyonly work for the PSNID that purchased it. Finally, here is all the information available to me about the use of DLC and licensing/user agreements associated with it. Please click on the following links:

This is something unheard of in the console world, and - to me - it’s something outrageous to families.
I would like to hear from any dev how this can be respectful to families, in their opinion.
I’m not here to say this is TRS fault.
I just ask - if possible - for a sincere opinion.

I WANT to say “thank you” for this game… But how many times families have got to do this to be appreciated? Families share their incomes.

I love this game. I like the new monster and hunters. I’m fortunately personally well-off enough to afford those multiplied expenses (some people don’t, how about them?). I was even planning to buy at least another PS4+game+all DLCs for my little brother to play with me.

Simply, I have a bitter taste in my mouth now… I would even buy the DLCs anyway because how much we like this game, but seen that all this chatting made by me is zero and all a for profit company like 2K has got to do, is listening to people wallets, I also know that this behavior would simply say “well done guys”, with NO remarks on it. Even for publishing choices. As said, I want to say “well done” to the game. But as a member of a family of gamers, I’m not that inclined toward publishing policies made by someone that, in the VERY BEST scenario, didn’t even think one second about families.

Paying a DLC multiple times on the same - SAME - console (where the check-out terms and conditions on the store are plain lies), is unheard of, and WRONG. Some people said to me that another game did something like this recently. COD AW. It’s painful to see this game associated to Evolve.

I won’t ask you why that choice, because ok, maybe it’s just the publisher’s choice/fault.

I’m just asking one simple question to you guys:

“Are you ok with this”?


Searching the www about similar situations:


@MacMan can you help us? I feel that this topic, and similar ones, aren’t getting any attention.

I know that I’m talking about publishing choices, and that 2K is the publisher, not TRS.
But people of TRS, this is your game, I know that you must be interested in this!

I’m a supporter of this game, but that particular choice - forcing families with different, consolidated live accounts on a single, shared PS4, to buy the new hunters multiple times - left me disappointed. It’s very unusual on consoles to user-lock playable DLCs even on the primary console.

Then, someone on the forum told me that they can use the skins with multiple accounts on the Xbox, so probably it’ll be the same with the incoming playable DLCs - if that’s true, that is unfair at best to me, for PS players.

I’m sincerely interested to know if TRS is anyhow involved in this choice, and (if possible) your opinion on this.

If eventually you can’t/don’t want to answer to those two questions, please, can you at least let me know that I won’t get an answer?



@MacMan, please, can I at least know why I’m getting no answers whatsoever?

I wrote a post the other week, saying that we are fortunate, because TRS is one of the few studios where devs actively respond to their users.
I’m - relatively - new on the forum, but I follow you guys since the first L4D. I preordered Evolve the very first day it was possible on Amazon. I actively support this game, and I’m trying to get more people into in (or back into it, I’m waiting after the 31 to bring back some friends that put the game in hold).
I hope that it means something to you, and I believe that the question above is a legitimate question that should be answered: I’ve seen other threads about this, most of them more than 1 month old, but no one managed to get devs’ attention. I’m sure that it’s because no one noticed those threads, and not because you developers do not care about those aspects.

This is why I tagged you again.
I hope to not bother you, but I also believe the community would benefit to know your opinion about this.

Thanks for your time.