[ALL CONSOLES] Quick Shot Tournament


Quick Shot Tournament

This is a tournament available on ALL consoles. The rules in FULL can be found HERE or they can be found on the registration pages below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


PC Signups HERE
# PS4 Signups HERE
#XBOX 1 Signups HERE

##Summary of Rules

If you would like to see an example of the ruleset being played, you can visit several twitch streamers and ask them about it, or you can see a monster perspective match from my youtube channel by clicking here


  • That this months QS tournament, will NOT have a prize pool as voted on in a previous, PUBLIC poll.

Future Months MAY have a prizepool if the community shows enough interest. We are looking for 8 PC teams, 8 PS4 teams, and 6 Xbox 1 teams for this months competition. We have had several offers for sponsorship via community donations.

  • New Casters/Streamers are WELCOME, and we will have a broadcasting kit made available to anyone whom wants it. Notify us prior to the tournament so we can schedule the broadcasts.

  • Primary Broadcasters will be broadcasted on: www.twitch.tv/QSTourny
    @SuperBadJuJu for Xbox 1
    @SuperBadJuJu & @StealthShampoo for PS4
    @Seedsy for PC

  • This tournament does NOT conflict with the Tournament mentioned:

##Q&A Section:
I will post the answer to questions here, and also as a response below.

During testing, it was close to 50/50 across all Tiers. We’re actively monitoring to ensure that it stays balanced. Its a wonky ruleset, but it plays well and works wonderfully.

Only 4 players per team? Can i have more than 4? Is there any limit to the number of esl players [/quote]
You can have as many players as you want in your rosters. Make the team on the BattleFY page, and send the link around. Each player is restricted to 1 team.
There is no Limit to the number of competitive players per team.

###If you make community content, post it :slight_smile: We’ll be more than happy to help promote anything related to the tournament. Big shoutout to @GrizzleMarine

New Evolve Tournament
The Index, Your Primary Source for the Meta of Evolve
PS4 Tournament February 6 and 7th (First place prize $150, second place prize $50, third place prize pick a skin of your choice)

Since I’ll be casting my tournament, I’ll be participating in this one!


This looks great, but don’t you think the rules are kind of rediculously hunter favored? High wildlife instead of medium won’t make up for 10 minute games and half the dropship time


I don’t see a downside for a prize pool. Let people donate for it, if they wish, at the least.


During testing, it was close to 50/50 across all Tiers. We’re actively monitoring to ensure that it stays balanced. Its a wonky ruleset, but it plays well and works wonderfully.



The problem is, that if there is a prizepool for 1 console and not the other, there will be a bias prior to measuring community involvement. We are ready to invest in a future tournament with a prize pool, but we want all consoles to get equal attention.


Oh, ok. That’s logical. The play sequence on your rules document looks a tad askew.


Ok! Chase comps sound like they’ll be brutal but it’ sounds crazy fun if you get all the kinks worked out. What about Free-Agents, are they allowed or do you have to be with a full team? Also along that vein, it says the minimum team size is 4 so can a hunter team “adopt” a Free-Agent Monster?


Amended to the Summary of rules section. TY for pointing that out.


Nice! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. But I’m not the only one excited about it :wink:


Credit for this lovely snapshot is courtesy of @Hunter
Meme created by yours truly :smile:


No PC tournament? Sad face :frowning:

EDIT: Just saw the link. I derped. Sorry!

EDIT EDIT: Quick question - how long do Evolve tournaments usually last? The reason I’m asking is because I work Sunday evenings. If the tournament can end before 4 PM on Sunday, I’m in.


Depends on how many teams join, how early in the day it is, etc. On average you’re looking at about 3 hours of play time with just 5 teams participating, longer if the bracket(s) are larger, there’s also other dynamics such as waiting for the caster(s) to come in in some instances.


Once again, I wish I was any good at this game :smiley_cat:


Yeah alot of top ps4 players in our group are not feeling it.


Lol yeah these rules are pretty stupid


I know this is probably a stupid comment but… What is a steam community URL (what do I have to write?? :confused:)


Steam community URL is a link to your profile on steam. You can open your profile in Steam, Right click and click “Copy page url”


I’m sorry you feel that way. We tested it in over 50+ matches, with approximately 50% winrate.
Maybe, you should try a few rounds with friends :wink:


Thanks man! When is this quick shot tournament held