All characters started unlocked?


Hey everyone, so I picked up my copy of evolve today, and after completing all of the tutorials, I decided to play a solo game of hunt. when I got to the character select, I noticed that I could play as all three tiers. My beta stuff didn’t transfer over, and I didn’t pre-order any of the tier unlocks. After the match was over, I got the achievement for unlocking all of the characters, though my stat progression was still at level 1 and showed that I needed to get one star one each item before the next character was unlocked.


Psssssttttt… This is one of those good little bugs you find that you keep to yourself :slight_smile:

Joking aside though that is very strange. Did you unlock all the characters in Beta and are you sure your data didn’t transfer over?

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Yeah I’m sure, because even if my progress carried over, I didn’t unlock Kraken and Lazarus.


How strange lol. Are you having any other problems? Like can you earn stars and stuff as well as progress?


Yeah, everything else seems to be functioning as it is supposed to be.


Well that’s good then. Might just have to chalk it up to a free win and call it a day lol.


My friend bought the character tier 3 and didn’t get them


Maybe they gave me his/her characters XD