ALL 12 maps NOW or money back


I purchased the Monster Race Edition with 16 maps (12 general maps, 4 defend maps).
Since Stage 2, we only can play the same four maps again and again and again.
I am so fed up with this.

We lost 3 of 4 game modes, this is sad.
We lost the Evacuation campaign, this is bad.
We lost 66% of all general maps, and this is finally unacceptable.

I know TRS wants to update the maps, but better the original maps now than boredome.
Please give us back all 12 general maps now, or give us back our money.
I want to play at last half of the game I purchased for a lot of money. Thank you.


What part of “Beta” is confusing you?


Pretty sure it’s 75%, but whatever.

It’s a beta and they’re refining maps.


[quote=“dustfiend, post:2, topic:91795, full:true”]
What part of “Beta” is confusing you?[/quote]
We did not purchase a beta.
We purchased a product with advertised specs.
What part about promised quality is confusing you?


We are actively working on updating the other maps so they work well with the meta changes of Stage 2. In the meantime, here is how you can play Legacy Evolve:

Right-click Evolve in Steam and select “Properties”
Go to the “Betas” tab
In the dropdown, select "legacyevolve - The Original Evolve Product"
Click "Close"
Wait for the game to download the differences
Enjoy Legacy Evolve


That’s not necessary whatsoever.


What you paid for is still there, play Legacy Evolve and don’t bother us with your cries and empty threats.


These are the same complaints people kept bitching about back when Team Fortress 2 went free to play. And the same thing still applies as to why you need to stop bitching. You have been able to play the game for like 2 more years than the rest of us, AND you have access to a monster we don’t, AND you can just revert back to the Legacy game, which nobody, probably not even you, were playing days before the game went free to play. Because it was dead, and you complaining about it doesn’t make your point any better, and it doesn’t make them work any faster, and they are never going to give you your money back for the reasons I already listed above.

So stop your crying, and either start enjoying the game as it is now patiently, or stop playing and come back when it has more stuff.


Whoa man, tone it down a bit


Thanks, but this essentially means playing alone.

Do not get me wrong, I appreciate your efforts.
The game is much better now. But with 4 maps the fun lasts only for a few days.

Could you not give us founders an “alpha” option to activate the original maps?
This way at least we founders could enjoy Stage 2 with all original maps instead of waiting.

However, we already notice the boredom with free-play-users too.
What use will be the reworked maps when most of new players will be gone by then?

IMHO it would be much smarter to give us the original maps now than the same old rotation.


If you’re so set on playing the old evolve, you can. Simply right click on Evolve in your liabray, go to properties, betas, then click on the box titles “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” From there, just select legacy evolve and BOOM. LITERALLY the same game you paid for. Nothing gone.


That is a terribly idea, it would completely split the Founder community from everyone else, and then it would just cause problems in the Founder community as none of the old maps would work well with the new Hunter and Monster mechanics


The old maps are in no way balenced for the current balence.
I’d rather play on the current 4 great maps than play on 4 maps and then several maps that aren’t balenced.
And just so you know, I preordered the $100 of this game and I’m fine with it, but your entitled to your own opinions.


You can still play that product. Its not gone. You can opt out of the beta, and continue to play legacy.

Along with all of the others who enjoy legacy.


So you have no faith on Evolve? Or you just wanna pubstomp as long as you can?


They are actively working to update all of the original maps, don’t stress!!! Waiting can suck, I know, but it won’t be to long now!!! Evolve just recently had a huge influx of new PC players, there are actually over a million new PC players!! That’s what the new weekend event is about. :slight_smile:
So, with all of this newfound support for Evolve from new players, I’m sure the developers are working very hard to continue adding to the game. I wish I could play, I don’t have a PC though and have to wait for the console update.
If I was you though, I would just enjoy the experience!! Work towards cool Elite and Primal skins, get used to the new mechanics, and new features will be added all the time. :smile:


Hey man at least you’re not on console. Glass half full ok?


[quote=“Calvin_Weiguang_Han, post:16, topic:91795”]
So you have no faith on Evolve?[/quote]
I have no faith in only four maps.

If even an Evolve fan boy like me already is fed up by the map repetition, new players will be soon too. You tell me the game would be unbalanced? Would this really matter? The game already is unbalanced by design. It is unbalanced because for monsters it is much easier to kill new hunters. There is no handicap system to balance the learning curve. People already are whining about the balance all over the place. However, do I really care? No. Balance is nice, but of more importance is FUN. For this we need at last 8 maps, not 4.


This kind of phrasing/language is never helpful. Why do people who have a gripe…and I totally understand your position and where you’re coming from… have to resort to this kind of childish argument? What… the devs are going to suddenly give everything you want because you’ve decided to rub their face in a particularly painful aspect of this game’s history?

I long for the day that people can, in general, ask for things of the devs without managing to also be so unfriendly and combative about it.


New players didn’t get to play Evolve like you did over the past 1+ year. I’m a new player. I’m not as jaded as you are yet over the maps. Too busy thinking on how to make use of terrain to chase, dodge, bait, or corner monsters.

on the other side, did the latest update bring weather effects? i though i saw rain. i think might add more fun to the game with temporary passing fog too.