Alienware Evolve Sponsor?


Perhaps it just fits with their “Alien” theme well but found it cool as I was just curious the prices of these beast PC’s and the one picture they used to advertise the desktop had Evolve on it? Was this arranged or do TRS not even know that this is a thing?

EDIT- Although now I do recall the PC’s at some of the events for the game being provided by alienware which I guess answers my question.


Huh, that’s cool. Wonder how that happened.


@Shaners Is this true?


That’s awesome!


Now that’s good advertisement :wink:


Ehh, I still like Digital Storm better.

If the sponsorship is real, it’s very under-table-ish because I’ve never heard of it, even tho I’ve been on since release over a year ago.


What happened was 2K’s marketing team contacted Alienware and they came up with a contract for a limited time. Most likely just for the time before launch when Alienware was at all the conventions Evolve showed at.


Doesn’t explain why they are still advertising it but hey I’m not exactly complaining! :smiley:


You should get them to send me another pc :wink:


WOW, that PC looks sick. Got to get me one. Grizzly, where’d you find that at, can you give me a link to the website?


Alienware works very closely with 2K and they have loaned us PCs for both the studio and events. This picture was planned, I think it’s a pretty perfect pairing.

They’re really amazing computers, we even have some of the awesome flux capacitor looking ones like in the picture.


But that’s not a pair, it’s a trio!


I meant Alienware and Goliath…also, “trio” ruins my amazingly awesome alliteration. So shhhh! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe my purpose posting was with glaring glee imbedded in my mind?


They sent you a PC in the first place?


Just to warn you dude they are very pricey and you can build yourself something pretty good at a far lower price but here -


nah, but i already have one :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s called water cooled GPUs and CPUs. :wink:


Nope. They’re now called Flux Capacitors… Much better name :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright thanks! :grinning: I know for a fact that this can run Evolve smoothly because of the sponsor thing.
So I’m pretty sure I won’t have to buy anything extra.