Aliens vs predator


Didn’t Ridley himself claim he wanted to do a sequel and was surprised to find out they had not contacted him for a sequel?

Ah, makes sense.


Hmmmm, that might be true. I thought I remember that he was busy working on Legend and/or Blade Runner but some sites claim he wasn’t approached. I’d have to look it up more.


Of course, Ridley was not asked to return. In 1986 Bobbie Wygant asked Aliens producer Gale Anne Hurd if Scott had turned down the opportunity to direct the sequel. “I’m not really sure,” Hurd answered. “I know that he was in post-production on Legend at the time we were in pre-production [on Aliens], so perhaps it was a result of his availability.”

But it turned out that the producers had never approached Ridley at all. “They didn’t ask me!” he told The Hollywood Interview in 2008. “To this day I have no idea why. It hurt my feelings, really, because I thought we did quite a good job on the first one.”

Here we go, from an article. We were both right!


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Well obviously James Cameron took it in a hugely different direction then what Scott intended, the aliens were turned into insect canon fodder with almost no sexual undertones present. It’s a great movie but it’s certainly not alien.



Happy Alien Day everyone!


I want no covenant spoilers on this thread till I’ve watched it obviously. But for those who have watched it without spoiling anything, is the alien a weak little :scream: Still or has Ridley buffed the old dog back up to his alien 1 days. A simple yes or no answer would suffice.


The Alien is badass as fuck


Like said above, I’ve heard (yet to see the movie meself) the Alien kicks ass


Yes the alien scenes are cool. I would say though theses guys have some pretty stronger technology than Ripely in alien. Hope you know what I mean without spoiling too much


Just have one thing to say:DAVIIIIIIIDD


Without spoiling the Alien still has it’s ‘1 weakness’ Kappa.


Hope we get an Alien Day this year also!

What did anyone think of The Predator movie?
I think it was fun but messed too much with the established Predator lore.
There is no need for the Predators to upgrade themselves.
The Fugitive Predator was great and the movie died together with him.


The new movie was pretty bad honestly. Ruined the predator lore.


Ridley went on record saying EVERY MOVIE he has made is part of the same universe. (all the way back to blade runner to boot) it is all inclusive.


Hi Wweyland, welcome to the forums!

I didnt have an issue with the predator movie. While I didn’t feel it was as good as the OG presentation what it laid out was fine for me.


I have mixed feelings about The Predator. I agree that fugitive was awesome though. The labratory scene in particular was great. I have kind of a theory that still preserves the lore. The upgraded predators and the non upgraded predators are diffrent factions. This goes for the regular predators we see in 1, 2, and Predators. Then the upgraded ones are the “super predators” from predators and the assassin/his superiors from the new movie.

They aren’t all taking DNA from their kills, only one part of their species is. This is why the fugative was forced into dna splicing near the begining of The Predator and why he was hunted down for fleeing. This also explains why the classic was being tortured in Predators. The human theory that there were two seperate sub species in Predators, and that all predators are upgrading in The Predator, are all just theories. They really don’t know what could possibly going on with an alien species, but they can try and figure it out from what they observe.

If they decide to go that way for future movies, you could tie all the movies together with the war between the old honor bound hunter faction, and the upgraded/spliced faction. You could explain why the fugative was still killing humans during the intro sequence, and the iron man style suit at the end as well. Regular predators will still hunt humans, but they need a temporary ally against the superior predators. The suit wasn’t to save them against all predators, just one type. Of course they won’t actually go this route and do something completely diffrent, but I can hope. Maybe disney will hire people that actually care for the franchise in the future?


But that doesn’t change that they are essentially saying that we’re dead within 1-2 generations from global warming or why they believe autism is the future evolution. :frowning:


I can only fix so much bad writing. I’m just trying to salvage the predator lore at least. I just want my honor bound, badass alien hunters back. I hate to say it, but maybe a reboot in the same vein as the new halloween is in order. Cut the shit out of the canon and start fresh. Never know with disney at the helm though…