Aliens vs predator


Ok,since we are talking about “Alien vs Predator” lets talk about the coolest thing about this franchise:The videogames

My first AvP game was the “2010 AvP/AvP3”,the game was awesome and we could play as the Alien,Predator and Human(duh).I remember being a ruthless hunter as the Predator,a sneaky killer as the Alien and a p#ssy as a human(the only moment I “maned” up was in the club when the aliens and the beats dropped).

The campaing was cool but short.The marine campaing was a nighmare for me in the time,but I manage to finish it.

The multiplayer was cool but there was a annoying thing that made me hate the “Every man for themselfs” mode,the spam of heavy attacks.Eveyone that I fought used this and it was impossible for me to kill them.
My favorite modes was:“Species deathmatch”,“Team deathmatch”,“Hunt”,“Infestation” and “Hord”,those modes was awesome,I remember taking my time to pick up some weapons and analysing the players in the “Hunt” mode,the players used to say things like “This guy playing the Predator is boring” while I waited for the perfect opportunity and then BAM I killed the overconfident ones that thought that I was a noob(I loved to use the “Plasma Caster”,“Mines” and the “Combistick”).The infestation I used to do the same thing,but I picked the ones that was alone.

I remember my coolest moment in the multiplayer,I was playing “Team Deathmatch” and I was playing with a Predator,I picked up some weapons and I was heading to help my team but then four Predators engaged me in a combat in the “Base” in the forest.One of them was on top of the building on my right(were the “Combistick” spam),other two was in front of me and the other one was in a building behind me(were the “Plasma Caster” spawm).I managed to kill two on them with melee(the ones in front of me),the one in the right building I killed with a “Combistick” and the one in the building behind me I used the “Plasma Caster” to kill him,but we killed each other with the “Plasma Caster”(P.s:I dind’t miss any trow with my “Combistick” and any shot with my “Plasma Caster”).Never again I manage to pull out such feat in the game.

P.S:I remember when I was playing with the Predator that I had a “role play” thing,I used to kill all the low level marines or the less dangerous ones,with the “Plasma Caster” or stealth while cloked.I left the high level marine or the ones with shootgun or smartguns for last and I used to kill them uncloked and without sneaking behind them,all that to rip their skull and spine.You know,for honor.
Also,I killed the Preatorian and the Predalien with CQC only,beacuse they were honorable fights.

My status:


Why so? Or do you mean that in a good way?


I mean it seems really really dumb. It actually looks pretty stupid. Almost comical.


I mean…we’ve seen Xenomorphs force their way through steel. What’s wrong with taking a brute force approach?


It’s just a really silly visual is all. Clawing at the glass would be cool but just the weirdly psychotic head bash is just funny to look at.


I see. I don’t really mind it too much, but hey, different views.


This scene from predator 2 is all I need to happily believe that predators have been hunting xenomorphs and will always have me hoping for a proper movie.


It was confirmed by filmcrew that it was only an Easter Egg since two of them had worked on Aliens and nothing more.


The Easter Egg that started it all.


Hardly. rPretty sure the first avp comic was out before pred 2


Yeah you’re right.
According to the notes which accompany the first Aliens versus Predator graphic novel, the original idea of combining the Aliens with Predators was the result of a brain-storming session between the comic’s creators (AVP artist and editor Chris Warner is specifically credited) in the late 1980s.
Thus this was born…


Anyone else own a copy of Batman vs Predator?



But I still stand by my statement :slight_smile:


jk, keep your head fanon.


@MaddCow @Sidewaysgts @ArPharazon and more, I’ve got some interesting news! Most IIIIINTERESTING!

Turns out, Fox is going to be releasing an official canon timeline in the form of a 10-page ‘Alien bible.’ Here’s the link

Obviously, changes are a-comin’! Current canon might be different - no Aliens Colonial Marines perhaps? A little worrisome, because it would be a shame to lose so many good feats, but at the very least, it’s a stain that may be washed off!

Very exciting! A little nerve wracking that 15% of my work might have been for nothing, but exciting nonetheless!


Ya I heard. Rumor has it that they want to retcon basically everything. That the ‘engineers’ in Prometheus didn’t create the humans OR the xenomorphs. No offense, but I really dislike this move :frowning:



uh…don’t really know how to feel about that. Do you have a source? Because that feels like a ludicrously dramatic move. Why mess with the world Ridley is building? Prometheus is a part of it, whether they like it or not.

To be quite honest, if that is true, I’m with you on being very unhappy with that.


I’m hoping this is just bad stuff and not true, but it might be as I know that Ridley hates anything not Alien 1. :frowning: Apparently it’s implied that one of the ‘engineers’ was Jesus possibly >.<


I don’t think Ridley hates Prometheus or the rest of the franchise. He despises AVP, and he’s bitter that he wasn’t brought in for Alien’s direct sequel, but characters from Prometheus, namely David, are in Covenant so he even if he hates Prometheus he is at least respecting its existence.


Nah, he got such good things from Alien that he was able to do his projects he wanted like Blade Runner etc… I think it’s more that James took it in a direction he didn’t want.

No not Prometheus, just everything that isn’t Alien or Prometheus. He isn’t retconning anything from Prometheus as Prometheus didn’t specific anything that would contradict the above claims.