Aliens vs predator


Yeah,I heard that too and it seems that the Protomorph is stronger then the Neomorphs because the rumors says that the Protomorph is gonna rekt the Neomorphs.I also heard that it will have a Xenomorph in the movie,but I not sure.


Ridley Scott said that the Protomorph basically is the Xenomorph…but idk. Protomorph looks ‘close enough’ that I could understand Ridley saying it has the Xenomorphs.


If I not mistaken,the Protomorphs are the first generation of Aliens,they have a less biomechanical look and they are more savage.Maybe the Xenomorph appears in the end of the movie,like the Deacon.


Definitely looks like it.

Comparisons to Big Chap

From the trailers, their morphology is pretty similar. Their tails end in a barb, rather than the ‘blades’ of the Warriors or the ‘mature’ Big Chaps on Sevastopol.

The Protomorph doesn’t seem to have the wire-like lines or ridged areas on the arms and legs. It also seems to have more ‘human’ teeth, as opposed to Big Chap’s viciously pointed canines and molars. The back pipes are more prominent and splay outward, and the elbow appendage is smaller and pointed.

Might just be me, but the Protomorph also seems to be a bit more spindly than Big Chap.


As for canon or not:

Fox hasn’t clearly said one way or the other, however…:

To build up interest in the forthcoming movie studio 20th Century Fox has released, and continue to update the viral website found at, (This has since been taken down) which features a MU/TH/UR 6000 interface identical to that seen in 1979’s legendary science fiction horror movie Alien. Since its release fans have been querying the interface looking for clues in relation to the forthcoming Alien: Covenant movie and the franchise as a whole, with some such queries suggesting that LV-426 was a “test planet”, and that the Alien creature has been classified as the “Xenomorph XX121”.

Interestingly some fans have discovered that when querying the interface with the keyword Predator the interface replies “Security Clearance Insufficient”, and again if queried with the keyword Yautja (the Predator species name from the Dark Horse comics) the MU/TH/UR interface replies with “Classified Data”. With the interface site presumably the property of 20th Century Fox, and with almost every Hollywood studio eager to emulate the phenomenal success of Marvel Studios MCU, this seems to suggest that the alien hunter antagonist from the Predator movies may now once again share its canon with the Alien franchise, which could by extension suggest that the two AVP movies are also included within said canon; a possibility sure to anger fans already mad at 20th Century Fox for seemingly abandoning Neill Blomkamp’s vision for an Alien sequel that would see fan favorites Ripley, Hicks and Newt given the exit from the franchise they deserve.

Some fans have alluded that the MU/TH/UR interface responses may be sourced from the Wikia site Xenopedia, which could explain the inclusion of the Predator/Yautja in the interfaces database, but that said these keywords will have been intentionally programmed into the interface, which is being used by Fox to promote Alien: Covenant. So either their inclusion is intended to spark controversy or to suggest either the re-inclusion or possible reintroduction of the Predator into the Alien franchise, with either the AVP movies once again being considered canon, or suggesting that Fox intends to reboot/remake the crossover movie.

That seems like a decent argument. I know that the alien skull was a ‘gag’ for Predator 2 but until fox has said one way or the other. I don’t like those movies as much as you but if they were not meant to be canon they would simply say so.

As for it not being canon, the predator is still much stronger than the alien as demonstrated by the amount of punishment/damage a predator can take in it’s official canon movies. Gunshots only piss the Predator off where as gunshots against aliens seem to blow them apart. Hick’s shotgun is a good comparison as it’s ‘old’ tech and not ‘marine future tech’. Also, Aliens: Colonial Marines is canon and aliens die pretty quick in that game to bullets as well.

One of the ways in which the Alien would be considered superior in physical form is probably the idea that it can survive vaccuum of space without too much incident as well as severe lack of air and resources.


He is also slimer,he have longer limbs and his fingers are different,he’s probably taller then the Xenomorphs.
The Neomorphs are a real interesting thing,they seems to be completly different from all the other Alien,their body,skin,mouth,head and everything else.I really wnat to see more of them.


I wouldn’t immediately assume he’s taller quite yet. We haven’t seen him next to a human being, and Big Chap looks bulkier than Proto.

Big Chap is canonically 7 feet when young and gets as big as 10 feet tall. Even for Xenomorphs, a 10 foot height is tough to beat.


Speaking of which, a Firefly-class ship was spotted in a scene from Battlestar Galactica. Time for a Browncoats vs. Cylons right?

Edit: Just kidding around, but :disappointed: Please forgive my disruptive attitude.


If avp becomes canon I’m going to be mad.


Xenomorphs are racists


I liked the dog version of the xenomorph from alien 3


You’re right. One Alien killed two heavily armed Predators in 5 minutes. And of course Ridley hated the AVP movies, because they sucked. Paul W.S. Anderson has perfected the art of deception; in which he makes you think he knows what he’s doing, then BAM… 3 Musketeers.
As for AVPR, it was better, but still bad-ish. I struggled to see… anything really. The Aliens are black, the Predator is sometimes invisible, the story takes place at night, and the town’s power goes out. Wow, I’m sure the Brothers Strauss thought, “the audience should use their imaginations.”
I love the Predator and Alien franchises, and was overjoyed when I saw those two crossing. But it is hit and miss at times.
If you hate how OP the Predators are at times, then you’ll hate the Reaper alien race.


3 was pretty bad but still enjoyable as a fan. 4 was good I thought. Sure it wasn’t the best movie by any stretch of the word but it was fun and enjoyable while I watch it.


Agreed. The directors cut for 3 was really cool and even hinted at the aliens ability to influence people and their dreams to bring forth the alien cultists in some of the books/comics.


The Proto dude smacking his head into the window actually worries me a bit for this movie. lol


I did like the avp movies for their “what if” content…

but… to be honest, the one where the pred and alien were in colorado… (i live there) was actually not that bad.


I never did watch the second one. They broke a cardinal rule of movies in the opening act and I just stopped watching. I should eventually go back and actually watch it but I don’t feel like I’m missing out.


2 had a lot more going for it than 1, but it still had issues. The predator was the best part tbh. He was like a retired Pred who gets sent in to clean up.


It was solid enough of a story, and it felt like a good lead into the Predators movie (not related but for some reason it was a good stepping stone out of the garbage)


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I liked the dog version of the xenomorph from alien 3