Aliens vs predator


If it makes you feel better, the two shittiest entries, Colonial Marines and Resurrection, actually have the Xenomorphs doing some pretty cool stuff.

Bullet tanking, snapping necks with their tails, dodging bullets. Like I offered to MaddCow, I could send you the Respect Thread (compilation of all the cool shit Aliens have done) and you’ll actually see that the crappier entries still manage to provide some pretty good moments of Xenomorphs killing things.


You should check out Mr. H Reviews on YouTube. I discovered a ton about the Alien/Predator in the expanded universe and even some extra stuff in the films.

I would love that. However, it is pretty expansive.


Hollywood LOVES making 5+ movies around one character if they can :slight_smile: That being said, I still think it could work. Amazing female actress lead while working around and with predators, at least until they get jealous that she saved their asses when capturing the Queen.


I would like to see the Respect thread.


5+ movies with a female actress. Well if the Resident Evil franchise could do it (which I really hated actually) then AVP films starring Machiko could do it.


Alien(s) did it, predator is about due :slight_smile:


As long as they don’t kill her off in the 3rd film, clone her in the 4th, and continue her story in a comic series that is so damn ridiculous and unnecessary that you just have to give them your money to satisfy your curiousity of What the actual :poop:

then I’m good.


Ya, the AvP terminator series was… bad. Personally, Aliens 3 and 4 wasn’t that bad. It was mostly script rewrites and budget crap. The overall idea of what they were going for was cool. I would have loved to have seen an alien zoo get taken over by xenomorphs on the big screen. That way those lame crossover toys they sold in the 80s could have some lime light.

That being said, I really liked Billie as a character in the Earth Hive novella series. She felt like a good mix of Newt + Ripley.



Dark Horse just…constantly sullies the Xenomorph and puts the Predators on a god level pedestal. I don’t understand why so many Alien fans try to make Dark Horse’s schlock canon.

In Fire and Stone, one of the Xenomorphs gets hit cleanly by a random guy with a sledgehammer…what the fuck? And why do people on r/LV426 want it as canon? Why?

Only thing that I really enjoyed out of Fire and Stone was watching Ahab (an Elder Predator) get destroyed by an Engineer. Gets his arm AND leg broken.


Ill just put this here…


Not really. In Aliens it’s shown that humans can defeat several xenomorphs before dying once they are aware of what they are. Predators have been shown to kill many humans before dying. If 1 Human can kill 10 xenomorphs, and 1 predator can kill 7 humans, 1 predator can kill 70 xenomorphs in really bad napkin math. Not sure why you think it’s not similar.


If X can do Y and Z beats X then Z also beats Y is pretty silly logic. That’s like saying “Charmander beats Bulbasaur, and Squirtle beats Charmander, so Squirtle also beats Bulbasaur.” Different situation, but same argument.

Predators do well against armed humans because they’re constantly cloaked and have superior firepower. The cloaking advantage is gone against Xenomorphs. Otherwise, they’ve got really bad melee skills, and their durability is questionable.

Predators can tank and no-sell a lot of blunt force trauma, but piercing, cutting, tearing and things like that, things that Xenomorphs excel in, seem to kill them pretty easily, or at least cause them great pain.

Here’s a Predator having a mega spaz as he bleeds like crazy before falling unconcious from a slug shotgun or rifle like weapon.

It’s also the same Predator that lost in a CQC duel of Smart Discs to an LA cop who’s never used Smart Discs before while the Predator’s probably been using them for years.

Sure you can say ‘but Aliens die to smaller guns.’ Yeah, if you want to focus on one specific lowball in a situation that still doomed one of the Marines. A gun that was top-of-the-line and military grade. Those same bullets ricochet off an Alien 30 seconds later

The Marines’ weapons only got stronger as you got better, up to armor-piercing and explosively tipped rounds in Pulse Rifles and Smartguns. Would tear up a Predator just the same.

Here’s one Xenomorph tanking blasts from two shotguns from Alien Isolation’s tie-in.

No acid damage to the surrounding environment.

Here are some other common arguments I see all the time

Predators beat up Arnie/Dutch

Arnie who probably hasn’t eaten much, slept much, and already got wounded by a plasma caster in the shoulder. It’s good that hitting him far enough means they can casually smack 200+ pounds around, but it’s not like Arnie was going to put up much of a fight anyways. Compare to Royce who, with similar clever planning, smacked the shit out of the Berserker.

Meanwhile, at Dark Horse Comics, you’ve got Predators kicking fully loaded military trucks over, ripping off tank armor with their bare hands, crumpling steel doors, someone even told me a Predator singlehandedly punched a fucking attack helicopter out of the sky. It’s a wonder that with such strength that the first Predator didn’t immediately break Arnie’s neck - obvious answer is that they got buffed in DHC’s works.

Predators > Guys with Guns > Aliens

How are you going to accurately shoot something you can’t even see? That clip I linked shows exactly why Predators are always cloaked. We still see Predators roar out in pain when they heal themselves after getting leg wounds from a few bullets. One Predator (who belongs in a clan with the sole purpose of not being honorable) dies in a sword duel with a Yakuza Enforcer. Berserker Predator yelps and screams in pain both times he’s shot by a sniper rifle. A Predator’s cloaking is their biggest advantage, and Xenomorphs see right through it because they detect pheromones, which the Predators would still be giving off.

But then with Dark Horse you get shit like this

The bias at Dark Horse is real.


I still think it’s selective biasism. Acids have bled and killed with their acid blood many important characters including newt’s brother. Sorry, but range > melee. Predator tech > marine tech. It’s just that really. Honestly though, the biggest reason predator’s lose is because of arrogance.


My argument? I don’t think so. Not when the Aliens are very good at the thing that Predators consistently prove to be bad at handling. I provided multiple moments from fights with the Predator from the main continuity that support my point, I provided the munitions of the Marines, and I explained that the firepower of the Marines was far superior to whatever firepower the Predators went up against.

I have been in debates about these two for seven years and have spent a long time making my arguments as reasonable as they could possibly be. You can doubt me all you wish, but I’ve spent mornings, afternoons, and evenings comparing these two from their main continuity, the best and worst they offer, and not only do I feel I can strongly support my verdict, I can also prove that the comics inflate one and deflate the other.

Fact of the matter is, bullets and blades hurt Predators badly. Teeth and claws that rip through steel, a tail that impales Marines like its nobody’s business and an inner mouth that just as easily punches through skulls towards the center of the brain will mess up a Predator. A lot.

If it hits. A charged Plasma Caster can do the trick, but can the Predator really charge it that fast for the explosive ordinance required? Otherwise, the Alien can dodge it. The Caster’s bolt is fast, but not bullet fast, and Aliens can dodge bullets. Besides, Dutch, a normal human, survived a Caster shot to the shoulder. Unless Predator gets that epic pinpoint headshot, the Alien can take it and keep going.

You have to actually be able to hit your target with a ranged weapon for it to count. The first Predator proves this when the Predator literally runs up to a guy firing an automatic weapon and guts him with the wristblades. It doesn’t matter if you can’t aim fast enough or can’t see what you’re shooting at. Not even Predators have 100% accuracy.

I wasn’t arguing this. I’m saying it’s unfair to compare the Marines’ success against Aliens to the Predators’ success against armed humans because Predators use cloaking to remain hidden and run away when overwhelmed. They’ve still proven susceptible to really primitive tactics like a basic net trap to more elaborate ones like lighting an area on fire to conceal body heat.

But I can say that if an Alien has no problem with normal weapons and a Predator does, Alien durability > Predator durability.

That’s a reason but it’s not the biggest reason. Canonically, Aliens are physically superior to Predators. Predator tech, notably the Jungle Hunter’s explosive Plasma Caster and the City Hunter’s Smart Disc, closes that gap. But all an Alien really has to do is get close, and the kill is pretty much waiting for them. What’s the Predator going to do? Shoot a plasma caster at the creature right in its face and risk dying from the shower of acid and explosive in its face? They have displayed twice that humans can outdo them in melee combat. They can try to fight and get ripped to shreds by claws, or impaled by a tail, or have their masks and skull eventually punched in by the inner jaw.


Last point as I can see you are set on your stance. That being said, AvP is canon and a predator literally picks up an alien and twirls it around by the tail. That shows Predator is stronger physically than the alien.


AVP is NOT canon. Fox hasn’t said so and their is nothing to prove that they’re canon. The alien skull in predator two was an Easter egg and nothing more. If Easter eggs meant anything then 50% of all movies would be related to each other.

Not to mention that Prometheus disproves that movie anyway.


No, it isn’t. Everybody who has followed the series knows Prometheus decanonized AVP and AVPR. The latter movie was developed by hardcore Predator fans who have stated they were hardcore Predator fans. You speak of bias but fail to acknowledge the bias running amok in AVP.

Ridley Scott hates AVP so much I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes out of his way to remove it from Alien canon as much as possible.

The AVP franchise itself is a spinoff created and published by a separate company. My whole original rant was to show how that separate company inflates it’s Predators to silly levels in comparison to what had consistently been shown in the main continuity of Predator.


Hey hey…Check this out,check this out…What about…What about…Neomorphs vs Super Predators?..What about…Super Neo Predaliens?..bam my ideia,screen cap this.


Just gonna take a potshot, Covenant will have 2 Neomorphs and 1 Protomorph (the one that looks like Big Chap but apparently isn’t a Xenomorph like Big Chap). There’s also been…uh…possible evidence that they fight? Sooooo…