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The Ultimate Badass Predators:

Badass Predators:Scar,Ahab,Jungle Hunter,City Hunter.


Uh what? Hicks goes to try and pull Hudson up and is in a crouched position and an alien leaps towards Hicks. Hicks rolls and shoot it. Where do you see an alien knockdown him?


Bad quality of the movie clip on YouTube, I guess, then.


Scarface and Prince (the second and fourth) are the only Predators of the ones pictured that I find interesting. Wolf and Dark are like, the Mary Sues of Predators. Prince is…well, literally a prince, so he gets pretty close too. But we get a good look into Predator culture and technology in his story so he gets a pass in my book.

imo best Preds are

Jungle Hunter

City Hunter


Prince, Scarface, which you have pictured.

Ahab is pretty okay. I didn’t like that Dark Horse was trying to insert Predator into the Alien-verse again, but his story was interesting and his name is rather fitting.

Scar is based off of Smiley.

Smiley is to me what Batman is to @IWannaBeATiger


Blomkamp’s still doing his Alien film. He’s tweeted about it recently.


Agreed,except for the Wolf and Dark being Mary sues.
Wonder when we will get a trailer for “The Predator”,the plot seems…Interesting.I really want to see this 10ft Predator,he is gonna be a beast,probably going to be one of my favorites.


Fuuuuuck batman


Yes, and here’s what he’s had to say about it

Well…we don’t really learn anything about Wolf. His sole purpose is wrecking face, which is boring because he’s so perfect at what he does. But you could argue he’s not a Mary Sue.

Dark is though. He literally gets trained, and on his first mission goes from newly established elite to clan Elder. Like, wtf. He did a lot, but Prince did way more than he did, Scarface did exponentially more than Dark did.

ikr? I’m super interested, too, which is really weird because usually I’m staunch about keeping the monsters consistent. I heard this one was going to be genetically enhanced. Sort of plays on the ‘Super Predator’ idea that fell flat with Predators (Malnourished Classic still manages to trade blows with Berserker, “Super Predator” my ass). I wonder if they’ll have traditional Predators try to kill this new one? Could be pretty cool.

And fuuuuuuuck Smiley



I remember watching this a while ago and its made me wish i knew how to cosplay ever since.

I’ve wanted to do tons of things from Batman, to a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, to the original Xenomorph, Shin Godzilla and, of course, the Jungle Hunter.


I loved Wolf,I mean he was the Rambo/Dutch of the Predators,he was the “one man army” type of character and this shows you how badass his is.He had status,and he had badass scars,was so cool to see a experienced Predator hunting.
Dark was some sort of “prodigy” which makes him some sort of “Gary Stu”,but since he had training before and that mission was to prove his skill,I think this makes him more like a “Super-hero”.
I can’t say much about Prince,but he is a really tought Predator.
Scarface,he is one of my favorite Predators(Wolf,Dark and him are on my pedestal),you can see his mistakes and his quest for redemption,but you can also see that he is not a “choosen” but a experienced Predator.He did a lot things and killed a lot of creatures,but what makes me like him even more is his personality,such douchy but awesome at the same time,“his” “didn’t even get to come” line was gold.

I also heard that he is a natural big Predator from the regular Predators race and he also some sort of “militar and rescuer” unit and he is going to save the captured Predators.
I loved the “Super-Predators” concept but they failed to execute it,they seemed weaker then normal Predators and had nothing of special.Berserker was suposed to be taller then regular Predators,and better in general,but he seemed like a normal Predator.But a thought the Idea of new Predator Race with better technology was really cool.
I also hated how slow and clumbsy the fight between Classic vs Berserker was,they were suposed to be fast,brutal and with skills in that fight,and not tackle each other around.


But Dutch had more character than Wolf did, I feel. We never saw anything beyond him being a one man army. We didn’t even see him tire or show weakness. He literally was what everybody falsely criticizes heroes like Superman for - he was perfect.

This has been done better, and again, with more character. I’m studying Greek myth right now - imo, if they wanted him to be some glorious Predator, he should have died at the end of his mission. The thing with Predators is, as they are monsters, its hard to characterize them or make badasses out of them without stretching it too far.

If you want me to be really honest? I think Scarface is the absolute best way to do a ‘badass one-man-army’ Predator. His story of redemption works well with Predator culture, he was characterized way better than either Wolf or Dark and clearly has been through a lot and has things to show for it. Wolf had scars but its a wonder how, given how he just shitstomps everything. Dark was a prodigy but jumping straight to being a clan Elder just feels way too Gary Stu like. Unlike either of them, Scarface, as you say, DOES have an actual personality. Wolf and Dark’s only personality is ‘kick ass, acquire trophies’.

Yeaah, this fight pretty evidently shows that traditional Predators are better than Berserker’s clan. Classic was malnourished and had been tortured for god knows how long and still only lost because Classic would rather die with his honor intact.

If you haven’t played it yet, you should. All 3 campaigns are super fun.


I think this is what makes Wolf so different from the others Predators from the movies,he is a unstopplable beast that had been many hunts and killed many creatures,and when he fights the Predalien you know things is about to get real.Simple,but direct to the point.

I don’t like the idea of the main Predator dying,in the movie is ok(but I always wanted at least one Predator to survive) but in the games isn’t so good.They surviving at the end gives a “accomplish to” feels to the player(personaly,I never liked when the main character die,It gives me a feeling of…insatisfaction).

Agreed,he had something different from the others,you can relate and like him as character,you relate and like a Predator,a great accomplish If you ask me.You feel and dive in his mission,he was a badass and a honorable hunter,and this shows that a movie with the Predator as the main character could work.

If their plan was to make the Berserker Predators superior,they have failed.He was with the advantage and he used dishonorable methods of fight,while the Classic kept his honor and fought with the disavantage.

I planning,I saw some videos some years ago and I thought the game was awesome.


Sure, but so is Scarface. I know not every Predator can be like Scarface, but if the quality of AVP:R was anything to learn from, it’s that the makers didn’t really try to do anything and Wolf’s character suffered for that.

Perhaps not for experienced hunters like Prince or Scarface, but for relatively new Predators? Getting glory that fast shouldn’t be possible. AFAIK it takes years and years and years for a Predator to be a clan Elder, and this Predator immediately gets it.

tbh, he really, really does. But so much is squandered. What I’d really love is a Predator movie where we see them hunt all different sorts of species. No Xenomorphs - I feel the Predator franchise really needs to get the Alien franchise off of its back. Predators have so much potential and its all getting painfully wasted on the crossover spin-off.

But you follow a Predator hunting for the greatest trophy, to prove his honor and social standing. It would be interesting, and we might get a look into Predator culture; the culture alone has so much potential it’s just begging to be explored, but we never get that.

It wasn’t even that he had an advantage at all. For me, what made that whole pitch fall flat was that Berserker, who is supposed to be physically superior, couldn’t physically outmatch Classic. He ultimately needed to use his Plasma-Gatling-caster to succeed. I’d put money that if the original Jungle Hunter fought Berserker, he coudl take him. OG Jungle Hunter’s plasma caster seemed to pack way more firepower.

imo it’s the best AVP game to date. As with anything in AVP, Aliens are written to be weaker than normal and Predators are written to be stronger than normal, but it’s still a great experience.


I agree on the whole alien vs predator being overdone. The only thing that I truly love about avp is the games and the predalien due to how badass it is.

If you want to see how nerfed the xenomorphs are in the avp verse, then look no further then the predator class system.

In order for a predator to become an “elite” that predator has to kill a Queen. Really? Since when could a singular predator ever hope to take out a queen? That’s just ridiculous.


I have all the OG comics of the series from dark horse. !


Be that as it may, I only accept Alien, Aliens, and Alien: Isolation. The rest is not a part of my world view.


Quality never determines canon, and if it did, there would be soooo many fucked up timelines in fiction.


You’re right. And yet I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue: