Aliens vs predator


A place to talk about the aliens vs predator universe.

It can be about the movies, the games, the comics and even the individual alien and predator universe.



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If an illegal immigrant fight a child molester,would it still be consider Alien vs Predator ?



Das a prretty good jok


You know, I was considering making a thread to see if anyone would be interested in getting some AvP games going on the PS3.


AVP…I don’t understand why so many people are trying to force this concept into the main continuities of either character. The crossover spin-off itself is fun, but I really dislike the idea of AVP being canon to the main franchises.


Well, it could work for both franchises if it was done right, which to date, it still hasn’t. Both AVP films were shitty. Its worked in the comic books and expanded universe for years, so I don’t know why a good film couldn’t be made from a crossover. If some actual effort was put into it, it might actually be good.


What I mean is people are desperately trying to link the AVP comics universe to Alien and Predator. Both franchises are better off anyways. Will list reasons if you want.


Well, the comics and expanded universe are only canon to me if it somehow is referenced or expanded on in one of the movies, which to my knowledge hasn’t happened yet. I also despise alien resurrection and both avp films, so I also consider them non canon as well. So for now, I would call them separate franchises. As a fan of some of the expanded stuff though, I do wish it would work out on film.


The big kerfuffle right now is that the 12-year olds are screaming that a book that came out in 2014 suddenly decides all the canon. It references a canon novel, and that novel has a character from a 2012 AVP comic (Fire & Stone) in it, so they think AVP is canon now. But it doesn’t work like that. That’s like saying because Thrawn showed up in Star Wars canon that all of his Legends stories are also canon, which they aren’t.

Here’s the kicker, though. It wasn’t supervised by Fox, it wasn’t even published by them. It was published by an author who has worked on several EU stories and works for an independent entity who probably borrowed the rights.

Canon isn’t decided by the quality of something. Canon is what is promoted as such by the IPO - in this case, 20th Century Fox and whomever they are supervising to work on the universe, that being Ridley Scott at the moment.

Current Alien canon is Prometheus, Alien: Awakening, Alien: Covenant, Alien, Alien: Isolation, Alien: Out of the Shadows, Alien: River of Pain, Aliens, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Alien^3, Alien Resurrection, Alien: Sea of Sorrows.

3 novels and 2 games, then the movies.

Same goes for Predator canon. It’s just Predator, Predator 2, Predators: Crucified, Predators, The Predator.

Honestly, all these attempts to make AVP canon to Alien or Predator. Imagine trying that with Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street since Freddy vs Jason is a thing. It’s fun and alll, but neither really belong in the others’ franchise.


I don’t know why they didn’t just follow Broken Tusk’s story arc in the comics. There are bits of it in AvP 1 movie, but they failed in other aspects of it. That story was great. Just follow Machiko Noguchi around and it would have been great :frowning:


I SOOOOOOOOO dislike that this was canon. The whole ‘cancer’ shit was stupid as well as what happened to an old main character -.-


True. It was stupid. But it’s still canon. If quality of films really rated canon, then Alien 3 and Resurrection also need to go because they got shit reviews from critics and fans.

The one redeeming quality of Colonial Marines is that it provides me with some nice Xenomorph feats for my Respect Thread. Woooould you like to see it @MaddCow? :heart:


I know it’s canon, which is why it bugs me. None of the other material has anything to do with cancer once someone gets ‘face hugged’. I don’t mind bad things being canon, but reinventing a new mechanic for… reasons is lame. It’s like having a new dracula movie be canon and all of a sudden changing the powers and saying if dracula is dunked under water he can time travel even though no other source material alludes to it.

Whatcha mean?


Completely reasonable.

I made a big fat thread of every impressive things Xenomorphs have ever done in canon. Do you want to see it? :blush: It was months of woooorrrrk~


Well, we almost got away with alien 3 and 4 being non canon, if blomkamp’s aliens sequel would have worked out. Don’t know what I would have preferred, I’m glad we’re getting more alien movies, but I would have enjoyed having Ripley return and some of the shit being cut out of the canon.


Personally I’d prefer not to have another Aliens movie. It dragged the Xenomorphs further from being a seemingly unyielding, unstoppable horror and much closer to a glorified zombie. I’m glad Ridley Scott’s back at the helm. I’m hoping he does the Alien some justice.


That’s the hope. I still really enjoy Aliens don’t get me wrong, but I always preferred the xenomorph of Alien and Alien 3. I enjoy the smart and cunning drone to the almost mindless warriors. I am glad Scott seems to be taking that approach with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, returning to the horror roots the first movie was based in.


Sometimes they were just straight up stupid. When Hudson dies, one knocks Hicks down. Instead of pinning him (you know like Aliens normally do) it just fucking stands there as he gets back up. I chalk that up to some intellectual outlier.