Alien Ship in Trees?


I was half listening to a stream and I could have swore I heard someone mention a crashed alien ship in tree tops that you could get to or something like that on one of the maps o.0 Was I hearing things incorrectly, or is this really in the game? Or was someone being a troll x-P


I asked this and then I came across it -_- Please ignore lol


Theres a crashed ship in the map Fusion Plant I believe, you can fly up there in the trees and its awesome, I might be able to get pics later in the day if you wish
Edit: oh…you found it…k den…


Yes, fusion plant, in the East closed to Swamps.


Yeah I had to use rock wall to get up as behemoth, but it allowed me to evolve unhindered x-P


That is genius.
Excuse me while I go try something…


Compliments, I feel special :’)


one of the best evolvespots


It’s a great hiding place for the Kraken, just go there and relax


Would love some pix anyways if anyone is feeling generous?


I’m looking for it as of this very moment. Hopefully I find, will post a pic when/if I do


Got it :smile:
Go to where the tyrant spawns, and climb up the pilar, looking parallel to the crash site:

(look closely, you can see it already)
Then just leap to it, and BAM:

You got yourself a perfect hiding spot


Why are your hands glowing ~.~


I wonder as well :0 A game mod maybe?


Map effect for broken hill foundry maybe? Looks familiar.


Ah, I haven’t played evac in forever so possibly


I remember seeing a picture a while ago but I’m 100% sure I am right. :smile:


should be the stronger melee attack map effect


Makes me sad - I was hoping to have purple pom poms of death on a regular basis from some personal game mod lol


Yeah, this was a custom match, with the borium-thing like map effect. Which makes your arms glow :confused: