Alien: isolation, shadow of mordor, or dying light?


Just curious to what anyone has to say about which to pick. As on I’m going to be buying one of these three but I’m undecided. Opinions?


Imo, Shadow of Mordor.
Isolation got old really fast, Dying Light didn’t have any real depth to it (kinda fun but eh) but Shadow of Mordor was (well, is, I’m on my 3rd playthrough ;p) a fantastic game.
Combat never felt janky, the storyline was awesome, and yeah…LOTR…I’m all about that ^.^


I agree with Quirkly, I loved SoM!


All 3 are good. I have them all and finished each one. Worth the play through of each.


Dying light has replay value and isolation you can only play once but it’s awesome and mordor is like dark souls a bit


SOM. It’s never the same on any play through.


All three are good, but SoM is gonna give you the biggest replay value for your money. Hunting down warchiefs is fun as hell.


Alien Isolation, but im a die-hard aliens fan here, and its a good horror game.


As much as I am a massive fan of the Alien franchise (and Alien: Isolation), I have to agree that the one-trick-pony routine did start to get a bit old towards the middle. I was absolutely ecstatic with the game during my first few encounters with the creature, but it got somewhat predictable - not enough new tools or tactics were introduced over time that changed the gameplay dramatically enough to keep it fresh. It’s a fantastic game, but wait for a good sale on this one.

That said, for reasons stated above, I’m throwing my vote in for Shadow of Mordor.


Isolation no doubt. Isolation is pure horrifying immersion. Mordor is just chopping orc heads off over and over and over and over. Like every other Fantasy fame with orcs. Sure it’s fluid. But you’ll get tired of the same animations.

Alien is far less predictable with the monster hunting YOU.

As far as dying light goes, save yourself the money another random zombie game with only parkour to separate it


All three of them :wink:


DoM gets boring in the first walkthrough.

I can only stand about 30 minutes at a time. Nemesis system it’s cool. Butt that’s all the game really has.

All IMO of course


Dying Light is your best bet if I’m being honest. The game is one of the best zombie survival games made yet. The parkour, crafting and fighting mechanics are good and you can link up with friends. I hope this helps


They’re all great games, but the only one I finished was Dying Light. If you’re really into sci-fi/horror, the Alien franchise and/or survival horror games, then Alien: Isolation is a must-play, if you’re a fantasy nerd, LOTR buff and enjoy Assassin’s Creed games, then go with Shadows of Mordor, and if you’re into zombie-related fiction and wanna play a blend of Far Cry, Mirror’s Edge & Dead Island, then Dying Light is for you. Alien: Isolation and Shadows of Mordor are probably the best games to come out of those licenses yet, and Dying Light is a great refurbishing of and improvement on Dead Island. I’d suggest getting them all eventually.


shadow of mordor and get dlc lord of the hnt nd the bright lord


Didn’t even have to read the other options- Shadow of Mordor every time. A great game, and definitely one of the best on next-gen.


Alien Isolation: Although called horror, my room-mate said it was boring. He was more afraid of humans making noise and freaking out than the actual alien… which was blind, and jukable. I highly suggest Mass Effect 1-3, or Dead Space 1-3 instead. Both have stronger stories and gameplay. And Dead Space is WAY darker than the Alien universe.

I’ve played a bit of Dying Light. I actually rather liked it. I don’t think there’s enough emphasis on guns personally, but it’s a decently dark world and story, with lots of grey. Parkour and melee seem to take up most of the game, and guns seem un-loved… Eventually the game gets really easy once you figure things out however… If you like zombies, enjoy the game.

Shadow of Mordor: I have no friends that play it… That says a lot considering the friends I keep… literally, fewer friends play this… than Evolve… which both hurts and says a lot about the game. I know nothing about it.

So suggestions:
Mass Effect: Great Story, 1-3
Dead Space: 1-3, great story and horror atmosphere
Skyrim: Great story and adventure mode. Similar to action combat style you seem to like. Infinite replayability.
Dragon Age 1&3: Not 2… not first person like the other games… but great story and gameplay… DO NOT PLAY 2…


Shadow of Mordor was my favorite game for so long. You can literally fight through hundreds of orcs, and they won’t stop coming.


I’ve only seen Dying Light; wasn’t much of a fan. Alien: Isolation was pretty fun on max difficulty.


Dying light in my opinion, loved shadow of mordor first time round, dying light is just so fun