Alien: Isolation Official Gamescom Trailer


Anyone else picking up this game besides me in October? I’m a huge Alien fan and also love H.R. Giger’s artwork.


I’m buying it most likely.

I have yet to play any Survival/Horror games outside of Resident Evil cause I could never really get into the story or such, but being a fan of the Aliens franchise I likely will give it a go.

Plus I hear great stuff about the AI and such.

I’m just weary about Sega ever since their horrible attempt to revive the AvP games


I’m very skeptical of this game. We’ve seen the same short demo for ages now, they have a horrible pre-purchase DLC using voices/art not even in the game. The only way thats a good thing is if their main game is already well and done with. Which, I hesitate to believe due to game play demos.

That being said, I would like it to work, but I think the mechanics will ruin it. Some of the better Survival Horror games (Amnesia, Resident Evil, Dead Space, and Silent Hill for instance) all have more than 1 antagonist. Games that have only 1 antagonist don’t work well as a length feature. Slenderman for instance is great the first couple times you play it, because it’s so short. It wouldn’t work well as a 4+ hour game.

The fact that you also have human antagonists as well seems kinda lazy. The Dev. Team is also responsible for some pretty abysmal AI and coding issues from their recent flop Rome 2 Total War. I’m also worried about a crafting system in a game where you aren’t supposed to fight the Alien. Also, I don’t get how it can ‘sense’ you in the lockers, but can’t see your head or hands as you ‘stealth’ around. The Aliens in general (According to Comic Books and Canon) can sense humans pretty darn well. This one feels like it’s blind half the time.

I really REALLY want this to work. Lord knows we need something a bit better than recent franchise entries. However, I’m really, really skeptical that this will be it :frowning:


From what I’ve seen, I have high hopes for this game. The developers went back to the original roots of the movie. No more, lets kill a crap load of Xenomorphs. Your being hunted by one, your not the hunter. Crafting is what helps you stay alive, no more guns.


Huge Alien fan myself but i bought one too many BAD alien games - so I will wait till after its release to decide!


I never mentioned wanting guns. I just think a crafting system in a game where you aren’t supposed to fight the main enemy seems a bit redundant. Crafting for sake of puzzles if perfectly fine though. I also really enjoy survival horror games, so like I said, I really really want this to happen. I’m not wanting another AvP/Marines shooter clone. (Unless they fix the recent addition(s)) I just have a lot of reservations due to a number of red flags from gameplay videos, reviews of those demos, the developers behind it, and what we do know about the game so far.


Never said or implied you stated “wanting guns”. Just stating the fact that there will be no guns in this game, which is what I’m excited about.

I never got the chance to play CM by Gearbox, after reading the reviews when it first came out, decided not to touch it.

I watched most of the vids CA has post on YouTube, they seem really committed to this project.


Fair enough. It sounded like you were referring me. CM (TBH) wasn’t a super terrible game. I think it got bagged on more than it deserved, however, the story being canon is what REALLY cheesed my goats.


I though CM was okay, the multiplayer was fun and I enjoyed the smart gun bits, but the actual AI is what was terrible. Loved the sniper/ mine laying rifle. Many heads were exploded. The DLC gun was pretty cool as well (“you have a pulse rifle with a grenade launcher and a flamethrower, what more customization do you need?” message you get when trying to customize Ripley’s rifle)


If I have a game to preorder for 2014, it’ll be Isolation, yup. (two free dlc I believe)


I want to see a mode where you get to play 1VS1 human versus alien, ultimate hide and seek. I’d love the boss monster to be human-driven, not AI…oh wait, that’s a bit like a game we’re all dying to get our hands on already…


If they had monster vs monster in Evolve I could actually see myself playing that with friends. Wouldn’t make any sense for the competitive angle of the game they’re pushing, but it would be fun with people who just want to screw around! :smile:


I’m very skeptical about preordering games nowadays, as I’m normally ripped out of my money. I will be following it closely after release though and see if it is worth picking up. I’ll treat it the same way I did Thief.


I think that developers have had a lot of pretty terrible releases lately that they need to earn back the gamer’s attention. I think that the whole exclusive pre-order deal is such a scam. With the amount of money people throw into pre-orders, of course companies don’t care about the final product because they already have your money. There is nothing wrong with waiting even just 1-2 days to see if the game is actually what it claimed/s to be.

Pre-order exclusive material is downright theft imo. If the product is as good as you claim it to be, you don’t need the pre-order money. If the content is already created at game release, put it in the game. None of this exclusive crap at launch. >.< Really grinds my gears.

(Note: DLC down the road A La Evolve’s pre-order I’m ok with as long as you are able to purchase it down the road at some point. But anything exclusive at launch, and only launch is peer pressure purchasing)


Only Alien related game I played was AVP 2 back in 2001 by Monolith Productions, that game was great. I haven’t touched another Alien game because most of them have sucked so far.


Those first AvP games were fantastic. Even if I felt that the Predator was pretty dang OP in the first one for a long time.


There’s no way I would pre-order Alien Isolation given how Colonial Marines turned out (and others). I am curious about what they’re doing with this franchise installment because it’s unusual. I’d need to see what the final game ends up looking like and actually watch non-gaming media people play it to see if it’s any good. I have no respect for the gaming media so any pre-release reviews are of no concern. Trailers are not gameplay and do not sway me either.

There’s a problem with this though. If I don’t pre-order I don’t get the Nostromo stuff. I want that. I would feel ripped off if I didn’t get that. So I can’t pre-order because I don’t trust SEGA and pals to deliver, and I can’t not pre-order because I miss out on content I want.

The result: I just won’t buy it. Make that Nostromo stuff available to everyone at no extra cost and then I’ll start considering this game again.


And that is why I vehemently despise exclusive launch material that you can’t get later down the line. I’m all for supporting companies and their good games, but I refuse to give in to bullying me into buying their game in order to make me feel bad about missing out on some goodies.

If the Nostromo content was still able to get purchased down the road after the game launch I would be a lot more tolerable with it. (Even though I still don’t like that finished content at game launch is removed in order to make more money)


I really like the look of the game, I’m just very unsure whether or not to pre-order. When A:CM was released I spent like nearly £100 on the Collector’s Edition and guidebook. That was probably the worst purchase I ever made. Don’t want to make that mistake again.

I really like the look of the Ripley/Nostromo pre-order bonus though, so I’m really not sure if it’s worth the risk of pre-ordering.


My big problem is that I LOVE xenomorphs. They are my all time favorite sci-fi monster. I am always really torn with Alien games because I love them but am scared shtless when facing them. I can’t imagine what Isolation would do to my desire to learn about them and my fear of them. I have never seen a survival horror game (except maybe TLOU) that had me so tempted to play even though I know it will terrify me to the point I can’t play. (For the record, FCK GENERATORS!)