Alien: Isolation Discussion


Just a topic to discuss all things about Alien: Isolation! (Gameplay etc.)

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is it any good?


“Alien: Isolation is a stressful, bold and brilliant interpretation of sci-fi’s most terrifying monster. It’s not for everyone” (Quote from review somewhere haha)
I love the game! it can be extremely stressful though… even more than Outlast.


This one actually caught my eye. My only problem is that I spend so much time oogling at how cool the xenomorph looks that I forget to be scared.


…I can totally see admiring it as it rips open my guts.


Playing it right now. Stressful is an understatement.


I’m playing it as soon as I get out of school today haha


I watched @GentlemanSquirl play it the other night and I’m still up in the air about it myself, given it’s reviews as well.

With the recent purchase of Shadows of Mordor, this game alone is keeping me occupied for a good time and I’m not sure Aliens is going to grab my attention. Never played much of the Horror/Survival genre to begin with so I doubt my attention span would last long on that game


Yeah these types of games aren’t for everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:


If anyone is wanting to buy it before the end of this week, you can get it at Green Man Gaming for $9.99 off using a coupon code, that should last until 10/10/14.


its good, but i hyped it up to much for myself for the simple fact that alien just doesnt scare me, so when i play the game the horror element is just bad XD but it does still have a stress factor trying to sneak around, and it is fun. it feels more like i let a tiger out of its cage and played with it knowing that its going to kill me but in the end i die a few times some how magically come back to life put it back in its cage and pets it on the head for the fun game of hide and try to kill me i just had with it lol


Yeah the game is definitely more stressful than scary (for me anyway)
The save stations make me angry though haha


I really am conflicted on whether I want this or not. Not because I think it dosn’t look awesome, but because I don’t do horror/survival. I’m both fascinated and terrified of xenos, and this game would easily fray my nerves. But on the flip side, again, the xenos and their universe fascinate me and I want to know more lol


Here is my two cents:

Only played about 45 mins of the game and I personally love it! So far, the story line is sync with the original Alien movie and the sound track brings back flashbacks (they brought back some of the original musicians from the first movie to reproduce the Alien soundtrack). The art direction stayed true to the original movie set, clunky analog technology. Looking forward to play more of this game but I have a Final tomorrow and need to study.


So I like it. The sound and music are some of the best I’ve heard. Also, the environment art is impressive. Most the time the lighting is spot on. But for some reason, they keep over lighting the Alien. In the first major reveal it’s fully lit, with no contrast or shadows and all the other times I’ve seen it, it’s been walking on two legs in the middle of the hallyway plain as day. I had imagined more of the Aliens scenarios with the creatures skulking around in the dark on all fours.


Yeah that was my biggest concern for the most part. Like back in the day I loved the Alien’s games on Genesis and Arcade and of course was a fan of the movies but this game just look lack luster to me for some reason and I think it was mostly because it was the survival sort…


Iv been watching the streams. the whole time i kept thinking. how fun would this game be in reverse? being the alien and smart adapting ai is trying to get objectives done to move the story forward. or even better levels with objectives and a squad of humans take on a live alien player. like 4…vs 1…Aw DAM i did it again.


I too love it. I believe I’ve spent more time hiding in a locker, or cabinet than actually sneaking around to reach the objective. Extremely stressful, and has many moments that make you jump in your seat.


Hey guys, got my first piece of ALiens isolation on youtube a few minutes ago. Go an take a gander, and maybe share it if you feel like it. Why? Because I haven’t got enough to do and i’m trying to garner some interest before Evolve comes out.


i got it the day it came out and im 3 missions away from the end of the game and I got it about 23 hours ago ive played it so much its so fun though it can be EXTREAMLY frustrating at most times it took me 3 hours to get through a single area I did not know what to do I kept dying and running out of flamethrower to defend myself D: though it is really fun lol I just reviewed the game without noticing