Alien: Covenant Trailer


that and well, the human heart loves a good love story.


Hopefully it is not as bad as Alien 3, or as stuffed up and detracted as Alien Resurrection which both ruined my love for the series.

Also, I am a bit confused as to what was happening to that dude who’s spine was blowing up. Spine busters?


That’s… really strange. Just get a hacked Firestick.


My parents didn’t give a care at all. I watched Species when I was like 7-8…

All of the Friday the Thirteenth movies with my parents as a little kid. Nudity, violence, whatever they didn’t care if I watched it. Always told me I would see it eventually anyway.


Since this is rated r, I probably can’t watch it.


Well, it’s not the 80’s anymore and I know what you mean. A movie should be good for the story, not because of nudity.


I find that very hypocritical as well. They’ll allow you to see someone getting their spine ripped out skull and all, but won’t allow you to see a boob…

Honestly, imho, it’s better to educate about the situation if it crops up, especially in your mid to late teen years. It’s GOING to happen, just depends on when.


Promethus was terrible so I have low expectations for this one. We’ll see!


It wasn’t terrible. Sure, it was bad, but it still held up as a movie. It wasn’t a good movie by any means, and definitely not a good Alien movie, but it wasn’t terrible. The acting was good, I just think it was just how it was directed that made it rather meh.


I found it to be terrible. Plot was terrible. Set pieces were terrible. I wished that I had not seen it after watching it.


To each their own. Personally, I enjoyed it. However, you aren’t the first person I’ve heard say that, and I respect your opinion.

I doubt this will be like Prometheus all that much though, as this appears to be in “current” times relative to the majority of the films. Prometheus was way way back when Xenomorphs started as Deacons, I believe.


14? You are old enough see to boobies


Watching the extended and deleted scenes for Prometheus made me like it more. Also Michael Fasbender as David is GREAT. The subtleties of that character are amazing and not easily noticed with one watch. Is it terrible? No. I honestly wouldn’t stretch to say it’s even bad.

It’s a movie with more bad than good, but I think the good parts lift it to be a decent movie. If you care to examine it a little more.


Lol, same.


I loved Prometheus as an independent movie, not as an Alien movie. It looks like this movie will definitely be an Alien movie, so I can’t wait! :alien:


Actually such level of “nakedness” would add to the sense of vulnerability in that scene.
I think it could be more disturbing/horrifying with that level of vulnerability.


It was lost in its own confusion.


I never thought of it like that. Interesting.


THis and it also reminds me of teenagers at crystal lake.


I grabbed my groin at the bathroom part. Liked the trailer a lot but that scene is something we see in horror more than in sci-fi, people offed midsex. Not sure I appreciate it making its way to the film but we will see.

Hope it will be good :slight_smile: